Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Superstar - Afnan the first to leave

Afnan Iftikhar was the first Superstar voted off the show last night, after finding himself in the bottom two with Dirk Johnston.

The Lord gave them a few words of advice before the sing off: Dirk, make it your own and let your personality come through; Afnan worry about your pitch, think of the words and the emotion. Singing Memory from Cats to keep their place, I thought Afnan would just nick it when Dirk suddenly came to life and it was he The Lord saved.

The show opened with another excellent group song, Queen's One Vision - there's definitely safety in numbers and they're clearly all at ease on stage together.

Strangely, some who'd impressed me the night before were a little off and others I wasn't so into shone through! Andrew challenged them all with songs they didn't appear to be comfortable with: Niall, in particular, struggled with The Man Who Would Not Be Moved, prompting the Lord to crush him with a "I don't think you're right for the part". Dawn called him Human Sunshine, let's hope it's enough to keep him in and give him another go. Roger with Part of Me was disappointing, it didn't work for me at all which I'm pretty unhappy about. The judges agreed - bad song choice. Mel said he has a natural edge to his voice and shouldn't try to be rocky. Dirk with Titanium was far too quiet - if only he'd started like he finished. Jason called it a little pitchy and said he needs to release the beast. Andrew said Titanium reminded him of golf clubs. And I thought I was random.

In contrast, Nathan came out and owned the stage with a funky Dedication To My Ex, somehow making a big man with a tambourine look sexy. Who knew? Everyone keeps on about his rock voice: I'm hearing Van Halen does Smokey Robinson, he's got something very groovy going on there. Dawn called him mesmerising and praised the extraordinary pouting, strutting and chair & tambourine work! Jeff also hit a sweet note again with Mr. Brightside, the judges seem a little lukewarm?! Show stealer was 11th man/reserve Jon - a beautiful, honest and sincere vocal on I Can't Make You Love Me. Mel believed every word and Andrew told him he'd got the meaning of it.

Rory drew Stronger and did a good job, although I felt he just lacked a bit of fire and passion. Keeping the pitch and tone while dancing around was impressive though. Jason wants to be in his club. David's version of Nothing's Real But Love I enjoyed very much, great interpretation, passionate and still retaining that twinkle. Dawn said he has the fantastic ability to make the intention of the song clear. Ben showed a few smooth moves when performing She Said, a performance I much preferred to his first one. Andrew told him he delivered the cool dude.  Tim delivered a quality vocal on First Cut Is The Deepest and was rewarded by Dawn calling him a significant contender, and Andrew praising his connection with the material.

The second Superstar will go tonight! ITV1, 9pm. See all the performances again here.

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