Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The search for a Superstar is on

I say the, but of course, it's another one of The Lord's, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and this time it's for the lead for a new production of an older show, Jesus Christ Superstar, which is going on an arena tour.

41 auditionees made it to Superstar Island, where Amanda Holden was waiting to welcome them to Sandal Camp. They're a mixture of industry professionals, holiday camp entertainers, complete beginners and those doing the rounds for their big break. It's like any other audition but just played out on the tellybox. Why is that so difficult for the papers to get their heads around? Nathan James didn't make it through on The Voice - is he not entitled to audition for anything, ever again? *Tuts*

Andrew tells them to look after their bodies as well as their voices, as it's a very physical part. Not to mention they've got their tops off. A lot.

A last supper sorts out the naughty ones from the goody goodies and while Niall gets away with it, because he's cheeky and brilliant and Irish, others don't.  They're tortured, sorry, tutored, by Jason Donovan and Mel C, who will star as Mary Magdalene and who will be joined by Dawn French on the judging panel. Getting on my environmental high horse for a second - did they really need two separate limos to take them over the the island? I think not. #fail

Acting Coach Donna is already the star: "You look psychotic" "You look depressed" "You look mildly depressed" "You weren't bad" - tell it like it is, no messing! Jonathan Ansell, you were a brave but stupid man for daring to Talk Back. And soon fired - there's a lesson to all the others!

Into groups of 4 to perform 'What's The Buzz' from the musical, before The Lord evicts 11 of them, leaving Mel and Jason to do the deed of telling them.

Into 5 groups of 6 to shoot a pop video, testing their creativity and teamwork. In the snapshot I preferred Grenade and Patience but need to see the whole thing. And, check it out - the website has uploaded the full length vids, isn't that kind?

At the Superstar Premiere, The Lord says:

Grenade: had a choreographer's eye to it

Edge of Glory: a strong group

Patience: quite fun; a lot of wit and thought

Jar of Hearts: the latest new pop rock directors

Without You: an advert against dumping waste (not entirely sure that's what he was after!)

And now, they jet off to Majorca, where 20 of them will be jetting back home to the rounds of more auditions, while the Top 10 hit the live show! Saturday, ITV1, 8pm

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