Friday, 1 June 2012

The Voice: The Fantastic Final Four Song Choices

Those lovely people over at the Beeb have let us know what songs our final four will be singing individually and with their coaches tomorrow.

So (I'm sorry, I just can't help it. Blame Will) from left to right:

Tyler will sing Michael Jackson's I'll Be There and follow up with Will on OMG (Usher feat. - I'm expecting the falsetto then, with maybe the dip into the full voice in the solo - listening to it there, I'm already looking forward to it. A good combination, with the duet ultra modern and uptempo.

Vince opts for a huge reggae ballad which could be a show stopper: Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff, is something he can seriously show off his fabulous voice with, either as it is or with a Vince slant. The duet with Jessie is on her own 'Nobody's Perfect' track (NOTE: Swearing alert!) Again, a combo of old and new - it'll be interesting to see if she allowed Vince to muck about with her song!

Lovely Leanne is going BIG but soulful - James Brown It's A Man's World - I'm getting shivers already! There's no Flack and Hathaway for the duet but again, big and soulful with The Stereophonics featuring Tom Mama Told Me Not To Come. It'll give Leanne the chance to get the audience on their feet again, this time to dance. I've no doubt they'll be standing after the solo.

Bo is also going for the big emotionally charged solo, with the iconic Prince-written Nothing Compares 2U by Sinead O'Connor. Fabulous choice. I can see and hear her now. Danny is the only coach not duetting on one of his own songs - the only risky choice, I think, being Read All About It for him and Bo. Which could actually be a stroke of genius. Especially since most voters already have their favourite and others will make the call on the solo. The few left over floaters could well be swayed by the unexpected. And Danny rapping ...

Apparently, the favourite with the bookies is Bo, but we know they ain't got a clue half the time - I'd say, looking a these choices, listening to them and thinking of how the finalists could perform them, it'll be much closer than anticipated. A brilliant set of songs and I'm properly excited now!

View the epic trailer over on the official BBC site to get you in the mood! 7.20pm, BBC One.
Photo: BBC

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