Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Voice - Semi Final Shocks! Or not?

*Adopts phrasing* So, like, we have our four finalists and let's be honest - they're not who we thought they would be, are they?

I would have put money on Jaz making it through but Tyler trumped him on the night. A beautiful vocal on a safe version of a classic song versus what was clearly an insane choice of Bohemian Rhapsody - who'd a thought it? Yet, with Let it Be bordering on repetitive and boring (the song, not Jaz, I love Jaz's voice) and Tyler injecting soul into a Queen song, suddenly it wasn't such a clear cut decision. And so the public went with the different, quirky Tyler rather than the soulful Jaz.

With all the semi finalists having their own style and all able to sing, it was always going to come down to song choice and delivery thereof. I was therefore a little concerned when Vince just sang Back to Back, sang it well, but it seemed a little well, ordinary, compared to normal. And then Becky, who I just haven't taken to, does Corinne Bailey Rae's Like A Star, quietly and without fuss, showing me a little of what it was I just wasn't getting before. And don't be too hard on Danny not knowing it - I've never heard of Charlie Brown. The song, not the bloke with Peanuts. But I think Vince could well have sung Agadoo and still made it through.

Max again came in for criticism, but again delivered Max, who I really like and hope we do hear more of;  Bo commanded the stage, even with so much going on around her and there were no surprises that she made it through - from what Max said, he probably voted for her too.

And then we have Tom's team, with Leanne totally sneaking under the radar, through the ground nets, up'n'over the big wall and through the muddy tunnel almost undetected into the final. I say almost, because whilst Ruth is raw and amazing and Get Here will be one of my all time favourite performances, Leanne's performance on the night was the only one to give me goosebumps. Her voice is so perfect, you can't fail to be moved; you hear every note, every word. So well done to Lovely Leanne - and I'll say it here and now: the Tom Jones and Leanne duet could be the winning performance on Saturday. I'm thinking Flack and Hathaway's Where is the Love or The Closer I Get To You, anything that they can really wrap their vocals around and smother us with sassy classiness. Can't wait.

If you missed the live semi, like me - duty called for the kid's footie presentation - see all the performances on the BBC official website here.


  1. Words cannot explain how happy I am that Leanne made it through - I even voted for her this week! I love Run to You anyway, but her version was just beautiful. That and her ealier Put a Spell on You are easily my two favourite performances of the whole series so far. We will definitely be rooting for her on Saturday! :o)

    I must admit I was shocked by the result though. I would have put money on Jaz and Ruth being the favourites to win. I am sort of thinking Vince could be out in the lead now, which wouldn't be a bad thing since I love his voice and he always seems to deliver a classy performance no matter what genre he's singing from.

    I agree with you on Bohemian Rhapsody - INSANE choice! If you're going to ddo a song like that you have to have some serious confidence in your voice. I don't think he topped Jaz on the night, but I suppose the voters liked the boldness of Tyler's choice.

    Vince and Bo are the only ones left from team Foxy, but Leanne is my choice to win. Like you Scatty I'm really hoping Tom makes a good choice for their duet - with the right song that could be a mind blowing performance. Cannot wait to see it!! Come on Leanne!! :o)

  2. I had Vince and Bo left too - but wishing I had picked Leanne now! Roll on Saturday - I'm staying in, phone off the hook!