Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Voice: Love songs send Bo and Vince through to semi-final

So now we know the top four with the viewers, as Bo and Vince join Jaz and Ruth in being voted straight through to the semi final.

Vince, with his summer reggae stylee swag on Whitney's My Love is Your Love was superb - a complete performance, vocally and visually, commanding the stage. His delivery of first Madonna, Elvis and now Whitney should have the others more than a little nervous. Add to that he's very likeable and Jessie could well be winning this first series.

Unless of course, Bo turns in another spine tingling performance. With the charisma and individuality to also command the stage, her unique voice brought a new dimension to Love the Way You Lie. I was concerned I'd find her a little too samey, but the opposite has happened; she knows how to grab your attention.

Danny's team was without doubt the toughest to call - I loved Max's performance and overall, was glad he went through. But I think Danny will be doing us all a disservice if he doesn't  put out a David Julien album, who grabbed She Will Be Loved with a  natural ease. Gorgeous voice. Aleks, well, personally, I enjoyed his mellow laid back performance of Better Together, his voice shone but he is clearly still a little immature. He loved being up there but was then totally knocked for six by the coaches comments and had no further interest thereafter, becoming a little, dare I say it, sulky. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree? I'd never heard of it, although by the end I was thinking I probably had. Couldn't tell you who it was by at the time, so had no idea if this was an original spin or not or a risky song choice - all I know is, it was another terrific performance by Max.

I don't know if there was a Jessie/Will pact going on but for them to criticise the song choices of Danny's team was a bit, well, rich. I'm all in favour of a coach playing to their singers strengths and letting them sing, rather than having to worry about peripherals like prancing around in the audience. Becky lost the vocal on more than one occasion and needs to not stomp. It isn't pretty. And apart from the guitar riff, it was pretty much the same performance as before. Toni, after giving us Tina Turner last time, gave us Shirley Bassey this time. Hardly risky song choices for her; her style is what it is - perhaps she should have done an Ed Sheeran song? Jaz is a soul man - how was At Last different or risky'? But I've no interest in hearing him attempt ACDC, thank you very much. And Tyler's performance of Sign Your Name sounded much the same as Terence Trent D'Arby to me. Maybe if he hadn't used the falsetto for a change, that would've been different? I'm just sayin' ...

Cassius was neat, it was his best performance but he just doesn't engage the audience, he seems to sing into the mic looking down all the time and I find that quite annoying. In fact, in their team performance I didn't even notice him.

Leanne and Ruth shook it out; I'd have liked something a little less shouty, which I got from Jaz and Tyler with Roxanne.

The semi final line up: Bo; Max; Ruth; Leanne; Vince; Becky; Jaz; Tyler.
Team Scatty has four left: Bo; Max; Vince; Jaz.

Fans of a certain style will have their favourites: Fragile Bo; GuitarMan Max; Raw Ruth; Classy Leanne; Bubbly Vince; Hyper Becky; SoulMan Jaz; Cool Tyler. All very different, vocally and personality wise and as long as they choose properly good songs, it will come down to how they deliver them, in their own particular style. And it will be The Neutrals, who hold off from voting till the latter stages of these shows, who decide their favourite on the night, that could turn things right around.

Check out the gossip and all of the weekend performances on the official BBC website here.


  1. Team Foxy has five left - Ruth, Jaz, Vince, Bo and Max. To be honest I'm leaning towards Max and Vince at the moment. I'm slowly losing faith in Ruth and I've become a bit, dare I say, bored with Bo and Jaz :o/ Though I know Max will never win - two weeks in bottom selection! Bit surprised Danny picked him actually!

    I'll be surprised if the final four are not the four voted straight through by the public into the semi-finals. Shame really as I think Leanne is possibly the most improved performer from the auditions to now and I seem to be getting behind her more and more each week - may have to vote on Saturday! :o)

    I was seriously irritated with Will.I.Am on Saturdays show - he was quite rude a couple of times and as you point out Scatty (and I shouted at the screen a couple of times!) he can hardly criticise. Same goes for Jessie. they've both made some rubbish song choices by their own reasoning.

    Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is by KT Tunstall - I pretty sure it's the song that launched her actually! It's on her first solo album, which is a favourite of mine, so I loved that song chouice for Max! :o) Really suited him I think and he did the original proud in my opinion! :o)

  2. I think of all the judges choices, it's Leanne and possibly Max who could nick it from their team mates. I think Jaz and Vince are shoe ins from their teams. Depends if Ruth gives a performance like her first solo I think. It's going to be tense :)