Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Voice: Leanne casts her spell

Eight become four by the end of Saturday's show, as Ruth and Leanne, Jaz and Tyler won through to the  semi finals.

Respective coaches Tom and Will had some pressure taken off their shoulders, as the public vote saw Ruth and Jaz safely through.

Tom's second act pretty much chose itself, as Leanne dripped class and oozed sassiness, showcasing her staggeringly smooth and beautifully toned voice with I Put A Spell on You. Adam and Matt & Sueleen had no complaints as Tom sent her through to join Ruth, who's turning into a musician - drum playing? Whatever next! A soft and subtle start with Next To Me and then she exploded!

Lovely Leanne is quite possibly the nicest contestant on the whole show, she still seems completely gobsmacked every time she makes it through. Tom was like a proud new dad by the time she'd finished.

I thought Adam put in his strongest performance though, with High and Dry showing off his mellower style . Honest was the word, for once I'm not in full agreement with Danny. I wasn't so keen on the arrangement of Matt & Sueleen's version of Missing, but I'm pretty sure they will be in demand now their time on the show is over. People may mock, but folk music is actually pretty huge in the UK.

The group number with Tom, Hit the Road Jack, was very well harmonised, all four complemented each other and were the perfect foil for Tom. Will went for a different approach with I Got A Woman/Addicted to Love, showcasing the individuality of each artist. Jaz and Tyler stood out, Frances did well and, although it makes me sad to say it, Joelle didn't shine for me tonight.

Jaz delivered a terrific vocal, although some support may have come because of the emotion generated by the whole "we're having a baby boy" story! Aw.

From Will's comments, putting Tyler through with Jaz was a no-brainer. Joelle, considering she was in Team Scatty, failed to win me over in the end - she's so good but I think had to try a little too hard this week, resulting in a slightly manic vocal. Little Miss Frances, who dances and prances - wasn't Danny's impression of Will ace - I will miss and admit to being a little choked up when she wobbled.

On the whole, the right folk went through to form half of what will be an extremely close semi. Team Jessie sang Canned Heat with Vince the standout performer, both vocally and comfortability on stage. Team Danny, though, that's gonna be way too close to call I reckon - especially if Hannah's vote goes Max's way. Their group performance was very tight.

Till 6.30pm next week then, check out the clips and gossip on the BBC site in the meantime.


  1. We couldn't believe that Leanne didn't go straight through! She was easily the best of the night for me :o) I'm wishing I had her in my team!

    I'm actually becoming increasingly disappointed by Ruth. A lot of her vocal tricks are too over the top and crazy for me. We thought her performance this week was actually quite poor - her diction was shocking!

    Could be really tight for Danny's team next week - I can feel the tension! ;o)

  2. I agree - on Leanne, and Ruth's diction, although I figured it would be Ruth going straight through. Tension-city next week alright - Danny's will be the toughest decision by far :)

  3. WOW! Leanne put a spell on me last week and this week! Jessie and Danny have a hard decision to make. I am very happy I'm not in there shoes!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing it - son's footie presentation last night means I've no idea what happened yet!

  5. Yeah, have you seen who won? I have! I won't spoil it.

  6. I've seen it - live for a change - and it's all blogged :)

  7. Yep, its Leanne! Who would you want to win?