Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Voice: Crying a river; dreaming a dream

It was Team Jessie and Team Danny who hit the stage this week and it's quite bizarre how I like all of one team soooo much and yet only one person in the other.

A big YAY from me as Vince Kidd delivered a modern spin on an Elvis classic - was there a band playing? Was there? Fantastic production and thrilled he got through. But the others on Team Jessie really didn't do it for me. Toni has a great voice, lots of energy and confidence but was a bit too cabaret - it might just be that song. Ruth Ann with Cheryl Cole's Promise This and while I liked the arrangement, her vocal just isn't strong enough. When she's great, she's great but ...Cassius with Paradise still isn't convincing me, he just doesn't let himself go. And Becky, well, I like the smoky tone but it doesn't vary at all. And why not give her a cordless mic?

So, I was only going to end up gutted this week, as we had to lose one from Team Danny, all of whom I loved. I personally feel that Danny has done the best job overall with his acts - he played to their strengths while also being unexpected with the song choices: Max first with Free Falling, a Tom Petty song, was cool and simple, beautifully understated and forced to choose one performance of the night, this would be it. Pretty amazed he wound up in the bottom two but confident Danny would save him over anyone else, judging by his comments.

That did mean we lost Hannah though, who is such a great performer and did an excellent job with a mash up of the old and the new Cry Me A Rivers, London versus Timberlake, channelling Aguilera with some grinding. Then we had The Miniature Buble and who was ever going to resist Aleks? He completely won me over; that was quite a risk from Danny, giving him an old, crooner number like that. Watch him flirt outrageously with the camera, with the audience and with us at home. He's only five years older than my youngest, for crying out loud.

I am so loving Will, I am: "Knock knock"
Holly (eventually) "Who's there?"
"Michael Buble"
"Michael Buble who?"

David Julien with Sweet Disposition, a song I only knew vaguely, didn't pull me as much as I'd have liked but I'm looking forward to hearing him next week; Bo Bruce with her best vocal so far, Running Up That Hill, had already reduced Danny to tears in rehearsals, completed Team Danny's first night solos.

Thus my original ten are now down to seven : Jaz; Joelle; Adam; Max; Bo; Vince; Matt & Sueleen. Next week, we lose two acts from each team *EEK* Now that is going to be a major headache! Catch up with all the clips and gossip on the website and don't miss the start of the next episode - we're starting at 6.10pm.


  1. Personally, I don't think Becky has very much range to her voice - at least it doesn't seem like it compared to several others. Jessie's team is the weakest in my opinion and Danny's is the strongest as a team, but that's just my personal feeling.

    Was gutted that Max ended up in the bottom two for danny this week - he and Alex were easily my favourites on danny's team. Max probably was favourite of the night (aside from possibly Vince). Great vocal performance, really beautiful tone. Guess that means he doesn't have much chance of being the last one standing for team Danny :o(

    Losing two from each team already! eek! Considering we started with 20, they're definitely whittling them down quick aren't they!

    I've still got 6 left of my 10 - looking forward to seeing what they pull out of the bag next :o)

  2. Are we twins Foxy? I'd love to know how many others feel as we do re Danny and Jessie's teams!

  3. We'll have to check and see if we're related somehow! Lol ;o)