Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing; The Voice; Streetdance

What did I say before - and 30 people complained about The Voice's 'live' recorded results show. 30! And it's headlines all over the press. Pathetic, isn't it. 30, out of 10.3 million. I'm leaving it there ...

The final eight in The Voice will be touring in September, going it alone (with each other) but without their coaches. Check out the tour dates here.

The BBC have launched a FREE on line game, Strictly Keep Dancing, where you can learn to dance, check it out here. I may even have a little tickle at that myself! Pasha or Mark Ballas, that's the dilemma...

Tess Daly is in Hollywood, according to The Sun, hoping to turn her debut novel, The Camera Never Lies, into a film.

And, Alesha Dixon In Shock Return To BBC Because Obviously, Presenters and Actors Can't Do Different Programmes On Different Channels At The Same Time Because That Would Be Weird, Like Freelance Writers Writing For Different Publications Or Something. Oh.

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  1. I always remains eager to learn more about Dance and I love to watch StreetDance 2 movie! It's been a favorite one!