Thursday, 24 May 2012

Katherine Jenkins scores perfectly for runners up spot on Dancing With The Stars

Team Kama had to be content with the runners up spot on Dancing With The Stars, losing out to American footballer Donald Driver in the final.

Both couples enjoyed perfect scores across the two night final, which saw actor William Levy come third.

Kama's dances included a Proper Paso Doble a properly proper Paso, always a favourite when the music is spot on, as in this, but the name escapes me - Foxy, help! Anyway, you don't need me to explain it, just watch Bruno!

and a bubbly, jumpin' jive ... 

... and their freestyle was a wonderful mix of lindyhop, jive, quickstep, tap - a Broadway number, if this was So You Think You Can Dance - same song as Matt&Charlotte's with Sing Sing Sing - which Kath did at the beginning. Joyous!

Katherine took to Twitter to thank her fans for all their support, and a "humongous" thank you to Mark for his patience and sense of humour. According to a US talk show host, she's won an army of fans in the country and should be well on her way to cracking it there. 

Well done Kama, it'e been a pleasure following you this series :)


  1. I couldn't remember either Scatty and it was driving me mental, so I looked it up and apparently it's called Espana Cani, which I have to be honest, isn't ringing a lot of bells with me! Lol

  2. Thanks anyway - I looked up La Torreador but couldn't think of any others. Espana Cani not ringing anything here either but I've definitely heard it lots before!