Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Voice, Week 4 Blind Auditions: Jaz Ellington is The Man!

Danny, Tom and Jessie were all left bashing their buzzers (not a euphemism) in frustration this week, as all had their chosen ten before Jaz Ellington claimed both the stage and Will's heart.

Singing The A Team, Jaz showed his quality, quietly strong, if you get me, add in the falsetto, straight into my Top Ten - and with that name, was there ever any doubt? What happened next was Jessie asking him to sing again and this time he did her favourite song, sung by an earlier auditionee, Ordinary People. Co-written by Will and John Legend at a low moment in Will's life, it was the most emotional performance of the whole series so far, as first Jessie and then Will began the eye-wiping. Tom was wearing a soppy smile and Danny was just mesmerised, leaning across his buzzer. Naturally, being me, I was bawling my eyes out on the sofa and having the mick taken out of me by the kids. I've included his first audition too; check both out below:

Jaz was the stand out singer, but there are special mentions for Harriet Whitehead, who sang What's Up and was sadly not picked because they were all down to their last one. But she was my next favourite of the night:

Lindsay Butler was nabbed by Tom; very pleased for her, I liked her a lot too, effortless and fresh sounding, I reckon she could be extremely versatile:

Danny completed his ten with John James Newman, he hummed and hahhed but he went in the end, thankfully, as I liked John's style very much:

I personally wasn't enamoured of some the coaches chose: Indie and Pixie I just didn't get all four turning for them at all; thought them very ordinary - Jessie was victorious. Others were good but had tuning issues or sounded similar to stuff out there. One who wasn't chosen was Ben Lake, another show singer - too operatic for them - but classical singers do well commercially. Becky Hill was the one who did the earlier version of Ordinary People and I have to say I preferred her mum and dad! She came across a bit of a diva - could be trouble for Jessie!

The completed teams stand thus:

Danny: Aleks Josh; Bill Downs; Bo Bruce; David Julien; Emmy J Mac; Hannah Berney; John James Newman; Max Milner; Murray Hockridge; Vince Freeman.

Jessie: Becky Hill; Ben Kelly; Cassius Henry; David Faulkner; Indie & Pixie; Jessica Hammond; Kirsten Joy; Ruth-Anne St.Luc; Toni Warne; Vince Kidd.

Tom: Adam Isaac; Aundrea Nyle; Barbara Bryeland; Deniece Pearson; Denise Morgan; Leanne Mitchell; Lindsay Butler; Matt & Sueleen; Ruth Brown; Sam Buttery.

Will: Frances Wood; Heshima Thompson; J Marie Cooper; Jay Norton; Jaz Ellington; Jenny Jones; Joelle Moses; Kate Read; Sophie Griffin; Tyler James.

Team Scatty: I've had to rejig! Max Milner; David Faulkner; Vince Kidd; Adam Isaac; Jaz Ellington; Joelle Moses; John James Newman; Bo Bruce; Hannah Berney; Matt & Sueleen. Apologies to those I've dropped but this is tough! The boys and Joelle just leapt out at me but choosing between the girls was a  nightmare! And there's no way I'm knocking them down to five! I'll let the coaches do that for me ...

Let the Battles commence! Saturday 7pm and Sunday 7.30pm this week; the coaches culling their teams down to five! See the trailers here.


  1. I'm with you Scatty - choosing my final ten was a real dilemma. I was virtually ripping my own hair out trying to decide (which mum thought was hilarious!). There's no way I can drop to five of my own accord. I'll just see who I've got left after the battle rounds this weekend :o)

    Cried my eyes out as well at Jaz Ellington singin Ordinary People (which mum also thought was hilarious!) ;o)

    No offence, but Indie and Pixie win my award for worst singers of the 40 that were picked! I almost fell off my chair with shock when they all turned round!!

    Team Foxy = Vince Kidd, Vince Freeman, David Faulkner, David Julien, Max Milner, Hannah Berney, Bo Bruce, Jaz Ellington, Ruth Brown and Lindsay Butler.

    Leanne Mitchell, Toni Warne and Jenny Jones also appealed, but I just don't have the space!

    My three that should have been picked by someone with half a brain are - Harriet Whitehead, Sam Thornton and Alyson Brown. All very talented and should have had a place, especially considering some of the people they did turn for! *cough Indie and Pixie cough* I was desperate for Danny to press his button for Harriet! :o(

    As you can tell, I'm seriously addicted to this series now - and I'm placing the blame firmly on yur shoulders Scatty! Lol ;o)

  2. I'm happy to take the blame Foxy! And agree with the three that didn't make it through too, especially against some that did - can't wait to see who's left after the weekend!