Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Voice: Week 3 Blind Auditions

The girls pinched it on this penultimate week of the blind auditions, with some of the strongest we've heard so far.

Star of the show was Joelle Moses, who sang Rolling in the Deep, slowly seducing us and all four coaches who were unable to resist. A properly soulful, controlled yet emotive voice made the song her own and the tempo let us savour every note. A standation from the Big Four and the wonderful dilemma of choosing for herself - the promise of shoe sharing with Jessie wasn't enough, she belongs to will. 

Hannah Berney sang You and I, which I was unfamiliar with. Initially I thought it the wrong choice but upon a second listen, I was sold. A strong, different vocal, showing what she could do - I was willing Danny on; I think she made the right choice for the songs he'll choose.

And finally, Bo Bruce, with a fab, understated version version of Without You; I really enjoyed this and she's another won by Danny, a perfect choice, and Holly agrees. Like Danny said "we probably share the same record collection" although turning down someone who "eats the same soup" (will) was tough!

All three above sound so completely different, this is going to be some competition when they get into the battle stages. The other who stood out for me although we didn't hear the whole thing, was Denise Morgan. She sang Love Song, a feisty, versatile vocal we should have heard more of, I liked her a lot - she went to Tom. And another who impressed - Jessie nabbed Kirsten Joy, who did a terrific version of Emily Sande's Heaven.

The rest was a funny mix - some sweet notes, some bum notes, many brave song choices which some got away with and some didn't. Alyson Brown may have made it through had she not tackled Somebody Else's Guy; Jay Norton I really didn't see the appeal of but will nabbed him. Nathan James reminded me of a Rider of Rohan, but that's because I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings again. He went with a rock anthem, thinking he was different. Signing one of Tolkein's elf songs would have been different and he may have made it through; you could hear there was an ex choirboy voice there, struggling over the power. 

I'm loving that the judges get all techy, with vocal runs and range and breathing and stuff. I just need to find out what it all means ...

The teams now stand thus:

Danny: Aleks Josh; Hannah Berney; Bill Downs; Max Milner; Bo Bruce; Murray Hockridge; David Julien; Vince Freeman.

Jessie: Ben Kelly; Kirsten Joy; Cassius Henry; Ruth-Ann St.Luce; David Faulkner; Toni Warne; Jessican Hammond; Vince Kidd.

Tom: Adam Isaac; Denise Morgan; Aundrea Nyle; Leanne Mitchell; Barbara Bryceland; Matt and Sueleen; Deniece Pearson; Sam Buttery.

will: Frances Wood; Joelle Moses; Heshima Thompson; Kate Rea; J Marie Cooper; Tyler James; Jay Norton.

Team Scatty: Hannah Berney; Max Milner; Bo Bruce; Vince Freeman; David Faulkner; Vince Kidd; Adam Isaac; Denise Morgan; Joelle Moses; J Marie Cooper *eek* I'm full! May have to ditch one or two depending on who we hear next week! Although I've managed to end up with an even split of boys and girls, this was completely unintentional, I assure you - I don't do tokenism. It was very male dominated until this episode; it can all change next week! Until then, you can have a listen to all the auditions here, to hear what made the coaches turn for their artists.


  1. You can't just drop someone when you feel like it Scatty - that's not how the game works! ;o)

    Definitely agree that the girls edged the boys this week. Thought the boys were generally quite poor actually. Wouln't have turned for Cassius, Tyler or Jay personally.

    What's with all the mind games between the judges - Will was being particularly naughty when Cassius was choosing between Jessie and Danny! :o)

    Team Foxy: Max Milner, David Julien, Vince Freeman, Vince Kidd, David Faulkner, Toni Warne, Hannah Berney, Bo Bruce and Leanne Mitchell - though not 100% on the last one, may do the same as you and wait to see whats what next week ;o)

  2. Me neither for Tyler or Jay, Cassius possibly. I love the mind games, healthy competition. I know I shouldn't really drop any, but Max, David, Joelle, Vince K and Adam will all be safe :)