Monday, 2 April 2012

The Voice - Week 2 Blind Auditions

Another varied week, some very different voices for the coaches to choose from and I'm over halfway to my Top Ten already!

Stand out for me this week was David Faulkner, who turned all four coaches - if you can sing Stevie, capture all the energy and passion he has and stay in tune while you do it, making his song your own, then you are The Man as far as I'm concerned. Jessie got him in the end. He reckons he's shy. Shy? Don't make me laugh - he came alive on that stage! And a nice guy too. Enjoy his performance again here:

Also impressing me were the two Vinces, Kidd and Freeman. Vince K had me wondering for a minute what the song was, I knew I knew it but couldn't place it, you know how it is? Then it dawned and it was, wow - brave or what? Jessie got him too. Excellent audition, you ain't never heard Madonna like this:

Vince F. belonged to Danny; this we all knew and will confirmed. Singing Sex on Fire, he really got the audience rocking, husky and strong:

Other special mentions go to Heshima Thompson singing Dynamite, simple, effective and a lot of energy - he's wills. David Julien grew on me with his version of Danny's The Man Who Can't Be Moved and Danny it is who gets him. Matt and Sueleen I liked a lot, a very folksy A Little Time, melodic and harmonious - Tom gets them, but only after they toss a coin between him and Jessie. Not sure that's an entirely a good way to start your relationship, but hey. Barbara Bryceland has a gorgeous tone and sings Wild Horses beautifully - she wants Tom, he's hers!

Of the others, I thought Sam Thornton was unlucky not be picked considering the tuning issues of Aleks Josh, who ends up with Danny; Kerry Ellis was brilliant but clearly a professional they probably felt they couldn't have taught anything new to; Frances Wood was taken by will after a plead, kind of cutting herself off from the others - I didn't actually think she was that strong. Deniece Pearson, from Five Star - yes, I do remember them, very well *moves on quickly* sang Fighter: "tone and power" says Tom and she makes his sixth coachee "Six Bomb Six Bomb" sings Jessie!

Now, all this business with Shansel, the untrained opera singer - totally not what you were expecting but far too quivery for me to enjoy. None of them turned and then they all kicked themselves, with it reported here that will is trying to sign her up. Now, if you cast your mind back to the 'How it Works' post I did, you'll remember that if any coach doesn't have their full allocation, they can recall someone who didn't make it through. So all will needs to do is only choose nine. It's not rocket science people, come on! Unless they've changed the rules since then, obviously. And this is TV so who knows?

So far then, the teams stand as follows:

Danny: AleksJosh; David Julien; Max Milner; Vince Freeman

Tom: Adam Isaac; Audrea Nyle; Barbara Bryceland; Deniece Pearson; Matt and Sueleen; Sam Buttery

Jessie: Ben Kelly; David Faulkner; Jessica Hammond; Toni Warne; Vince Kidd

will: Frances Wood; Heshima Thompson; J Marie Cooper

and Team Scatty (sorry - you know this'll be the kiss of death for them): Max Milner; David Faulkner; Vince Kidd; Vince Freeman; J Marie Cooper; Adam Isaac.

All the team bios and performances can be found on the website here. They'll be back next Saturday, 7pm.


  1. I decided to watch out of curiosity more than anything, but my expectations were pretty low I'll be honest. However......I think I'm already addicted! I even felt compelled to watch episode 1 on the I-Player ;o)

    Totally agree about David and the two Vince's. Recognised Like a Virgin from the lyrics, but I think I actually prefer the funked up version to the original pop song! :o)

    It is a vastly superior show without all the ultra dragged out sob stories and joke acts taking up all the air time. Love the banter between the coaches....and Danny is quite cute he he ;o)

    Don't worry Scatty - I am well aware who Five Star are and Rain or Shine is a great song :o) I was a bit underwhelmed by Deniece's performance though actually.

    I'm much more taken with the guys than girls at the moment. Wouldn't have turned for many of the women if I'm being truthful. As much as I think Kerry is a great singer (and I've been lucky enough to see her in both We Will Rock You and Wicked) I thought you could tell she was a stage singer and not necessarily suited to pop vocals.

    Team Naomi would stand at the moment as: David Faulkner (my current fav!), Vince Freeman, Vince Kidd, Max Milner, David Julien and Toni Warne.

    I would have turned for the guy singing Why do Fools Fall in Love as well - can't remember his name. Was that Sam?

  2. Yes, that was Sam :) We seem to be in agreement once again! And I adore the banter between the coaches, they make a really good team, well matched but all different.

  3. I think Matt and Sueleen will prove to be the dark horses of the competition - you get two for the price of one, plus they write their own songs and do their own arrangements... if it's about talent, and the Beeb keep pressing that point, it'll be in the show's best interests to nurture them

  4. Hi JW - love you blog! I hope Matt and Sueleen do get a good shot at it, they were lovely together :)