Sunday, 11 March 2012

Let's Dance for Sport Relief: Week 4

Alex has had a word with wardrobe this week, much nicer dress ... the panel comprise former contestants Russell Kane, Jo Brand and Lee Nelson, who's a very naughty boy and had to be firmly controlled by Steve to stop him mentioning those unmentionable things on the BBC, drugs and sex.

Patrick Monaghan does his best Rihanna impression with Only Girl in the World and looks surprisingly female-ish in make up, reminded me of Cameron Diaz. If the stand up fails, I'm sure he'll find work as a drag artist. Very enthusiastic. Rowland Rivron is star of the show this week, dancing to Weapon of Choice - he even had props and nailed them, fabulous, brilliant timing, dead pan and cool, I loved it and I'm pretty sure, even before seeing the rest, that he's the one to beat.

Watson and Oliver do a very creditable version on Bolero on roller skates, Ingrid an accomplished skater, Lorna not faking useless at all! Suzi Perry and Otis Deeley are fab too, Livin' La Vida Loca - isn't it fantastic to see people so far out of their comfort zone and loving every minute of it? Brilliant fun and my next fave after Rowland. Fatima Whitbread and the Cuban Brothers with You Should Be Dancing is funky and groovy and the brothers are far too professional for this show!

Will Young is clearly gagging to appear next year as a contestant, with his strongly choreographed musical theatre piece to new song Losing Myself. Johnny Vegas appears to be speaking from my living room *looks around to check* Nope, not here but that sofa and cushion looked way too familiar! LMFAO with irresistible rhythms and completely mad - you wonder how they pitched themselves to music execs?

Who's out first then? It's Patrick and Watson&Oliver. Straight through - Rowland, no surprises there but a tough call for the panel between Suzi&Otis and Fatima and the Cuban Brothers - Fatima and the boys take it, thanks to Russell and Jo.

Grand final next week!

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