Saturday, 3 March 2012

Let's Dance for Sport Relief: Week 3

And the first question to be answered is: Which member of wardrobe won a stash of money for sending Alex out dressed as Eliza Doolittle on school sports day? Sadly, I doubt we'll ever know.

This must be the most closely contested episode ever - all five of tonight's acts were completely fab, with Team Scolly (Scott Mills and Olly Murs) bromancing their way through Party Rock Anthem - very hard not to just watch Olly, he's so good - and who's in the box? David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff. They said it was planned ... if you weren't up and dancing around the room you couldn't have been watching. Arabella Weir relishing her Kylie skit and absolutely nailing I Can't Get You Out of My Head was brilliant, gutsy and fun, before Team Tyni (Tyger Drew Honey and Dani Harmer) channelled Team Cola's charleston with their showbizzy, theatrical and delightful take on Fat Sam's Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone.

Kirsten O'Brien, having given birth just ten weeks ago, became Rock Goddess to Jump for the night; that gingerbread man stood no chance. She didn't even seem out of breath - which is good, cos I think she'll need all her energy to get away from Tim Minchin who appeared to have developed a very serious crush  on her, leading Alex to sternly advise him that Kirsten's too busy! And Omid Djalili - beginning like Singing in the Rain then morphing into Fight the Power and a fantastic concept involving the London riots and referencing the big clean up with the brooms. For the life of me the hashtag escapes my memory! Someone put me out of my misery - #operationcleansweep? #riotcleanup? I'm just know I'm going to wake up at 3am this morning to remember it. Which will be extremely annoying! I think it was #riotcleanup ...

I went away to do dinner, come back, settle down for the last 20 minutes and the dvd had stopped recording. I hate dvds. Bring back VHS, I knew how to work them and I could see how much was left on the tape. Grrrrr. So, congratulations to Team Tyni, who made it through on the viewer vote, and to Omid for gaining the panel's unanimous thumbs up. Last heat next week, grand final the week after!

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