Sunday, 18 March 2012

Let's Dance for Sport Relief - The Final!

This week - they were in two minds over Alex's dress sleeveless/not sleeveless? Anyways, I'm thinking a top 3 of Rowland, Eddie, Laurie & Tameka, and I love all three but my gut feeling tells me Rowland ...

We have a panel comprising dance legends Frank Skinner and Rhod Gilbert, and choreography queen/ex-Strictly  judge, Arlene Phillips, who, contrary to reports is NOT making her return to the BBC as stated in numerous publications - because she judged two series of So You Think You Can Dance! Remember that? I did,  but clearly the rest of the media didn't *rolls eye* Moving on ...

All the contestants have honed and polished in the intervening weeks it seems, as all eight perform better than before, with my three favourites all delivering on the personality/timing/danceablity/smile inducing/rhythmical/ cool grooviness factor.

I did love seeing Frank and Rhod giving Arlene the low down on Firestarter and the subsequent descriptions of Myles: "Ronald McDonald in a fire; Terrifying love child of Krusty the Clown and Rupert Bear and Jean Simmons" I think he said Jean Simmons, I'm personally unsure where she fits into it!

Anyhoo, the results are in and bring with them over one million pounds, so well done everybody who made the effort to vote over the last five weeks! Out go Myles, Terry, Fatima and the Cubans, Eddie!! Noooooo, still at least the Earth is safe till the next Prophecy is unearthed; Omid is out and it's between Tameka & Laurie, Rowland and Dani & Tyger, all winners of their heats so we genuinely don't know who's more popular - it's Rowland! A good choice if I say so myself!

Here's our winner! And tune into Sport Relief on BBC One on Friday night for a lot of fun and games raising more money.


  1. Yay go Rowland! We were supporing him and Eddie, so we were pleased with the result :o)

    Gotta hand it to the Eastenders ladies though - great stamina!

  2. I ended up voting for all three cos I couldn't decide! Just the DOI final now Foxy and then The Voice!