Monday, 26 March 2012

It's arrived - The Voice: Blind Auditions!

Just as DOI finishes, I've a new favourite show arrive in town!

It's not just that the premise is so brilliant - you'll only get through if you can actually sing (personality will come into play later as we get to know the team members) but that the coaches are so perfectly pitched and bouncing off each other;'s uncanny impression of Michael Jackson, as he and Tom played oneupmanship with the biggest names they knew, Jacko and Presley; that Danny and Jessie are singing along in their chairs; Jessie's pretend tantrum, which, naturally, made the headlines; Danny's 'Are you Irish?' tongue firmly in cheek; the camaraderie and teasing, the rapport and the competitiveness - this is a Fun Show! All that and a live performance from four completely different vocalists in harmony as the coaches open the show together! And - who knew he was so cute and funny!



There aren't sob stories, there are genuine stories of why these contestants haven't gone for anything like this before; there's now a vehicle for them to get over their self consciousness and go for it. And of tonight's contestants, the three I'd have swivelled for were: Adam Isaac, singing Maybe Tomorrow, although I kept expecting him to stray into stand up territory, what with him looking very like Russell Howard, and of whom will said: "You remind me of cats I hang out with at home... who eat music" not sure I'd like to see the fur balls ... he ends up in Tom's team. Max Milner, with a raw and bluesy vocal in a mash up of Come Together/Lose Yourself that turns 3 out of 4 - he takes Danny up on the offer after Danny tells him "you made both songs your own." J Marie Cooper - no, I'm not being biased because she's been on Strictly - she was, imo, the strongest female vocalist we heard and heads off with will - cue Jessie's 'tantrum'! An honourable mention for the fresh and raw Jessica Hammond too - she belonged to Jessie from the start, as will knew; trying to turn Jessie's chair back again!

J Marie

At the end of this first show, all of the coaches had at least one potential star:

Danny - Max Milner
will - J Marie Cooper
Tom - Samuel Buttery; Aundrea Nyle; Adam Isaac
Jessie J - Toni Warne; Ben Kelly; Jessica Hammond

Find out more about them on the official website here.

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