Monday, 19 March 2012

Dancing on Ice: Semi Final

And it's straight through to the final for whoever tops the leaderboard! You'd think Matthew or Jorgie but Chico has been getting closer and closer and Jennifer we know has masses of support so may top with the public: this semi final is way too close to call!

Torvill and Dean bring us a wonderfully creative routine to Feeling Good; who knew playing pictures onto the ice would add such an amazing dimension (underwater dimension in this case!) Brilliant!

Onto business and Chiceyne lead off to The Flood - emotional, strong, it all built beautifully, making complicated tricks and lifts look so easy; his best yet. Score: 9.5/9.5/9.5 = 28.5 they've certainly put the pressure on the others with that!  Robin called it a fantastic way to start the show, Chico was brilliant, protective and controlled and delivered one of the best routines we've ever seen; Katarina enjoyed the complete control of Jodeyne and was amazed by the lifts and tricks; Louie called it fabulous and outstanding and loved the emotion.

Dannifer with I Wanna Dance With Somebody is a lovely performance as always, she really gets choreography, such a shame that little stumble cost her. Score: 8/8/8 = 24 Katarina said we always enjoy her performance, praising the chemistry and different lifts but would have liked more skating; Louie said the performance and dance came together with confidence and the stumble was bad luck; Robin told her she doesn't have an ugly bone in her body and we love watching her.

Jorgatt to Shake it Out and they're brilliant together, that was so full of tricks we've never seen before, a balletic contemporary piece on ice, truly beautiful. Score: 9.5/9/9 = 27.5 Louie told her she utilizes every piece of the music and that she was So Back! Katarina has been mesmerised by her since the beginning and said she was 'on it'! Robin said she blossomed and made it happen, it was terrific.

Mattina to The Way You Make Me Feel is another groovy affair, courtesy of the master of amateur ice dancing Matthew, although I found it a little less fluid due to the catch-me-if-you-can choreography. Fantastic spin and the Headbanger, close to disaster but got there. Does mean the scores put him behind Chico though! 9/9/9.5 = 27.5 Katarina said it would've been a 10 but for the mistake, and called it solid, seamless, almost perfect; Robin loved the feeling but told him to watch the details; Louie was convinced he was on stage not ice, fabulous. (Funnily enough, the stumble came at the moment "You knock me off my feet"!)

Onto the Ultimate Skills then and Chico is back with us - very well presented, everything there. He was petrified but you wouldn't have known it! Scores: 9/9/9 = 27, a total of 55.5 out of 60! Still in control of the board! Jennifer next and you know, she's one of those people you just can't help smile at or cry with. Everything was going well, but just a little loss of balance on the spin sadly. No, you haven't let yourself down, Jen, you've been an amazing contestant all the way through. Scores: 7.5/8/8 = 23.5 a total of 47.5/60. Jorgie with another spot on set of skills - interesting to see the difference between the hockey lunges, Jorgie's so-pretty ballet arms as opposed to Jennifer's strong elegance and the gentility of Chico's. Scores; 9/9/9 = 27 making 54.5 out of 60 - Chico still safe until Matthew stopped skating what was really something else - controlled and smooth, a full routine rather than a string of set moves place together - there's performing under pressure and he nails it every time! Scores of 9.5/9.5/9.5 = 28.5 give him 56 overall and he sprints past Chico into the final by half a point!

Leaderboard stands thus: Mattina 56 - safely through; Chiceyne 55.5; Jorgatt 54.5 and Dannifer 47.5.  Onto the results and joining Mattina are ... Chiceyne!! It's Jorgatt versus Dannifer. On paper, it's Jorgatt who have this but ... lovely speech from Jennifer "we won't give up" but she's a bit teary - still gives a joyous performance, giving it everything. Well done Jen! Jorgatt are so together and the headbanger from standing start to standing finish, much better. It's unanimous for Jorgatt, expected.

But Dannifer's actual performances overall must be some of the strongest ever, the emotion and characterisation poured into everyone of them was amazing, along with the dancing factor. We'll miss you Jen!

Final next week - can all three finalists possibly top anything we've already seen? Surely there's going to be a fair few tens flying around?

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  1. I was welling up while she was talking at the end - will miss her and of course the lovely Dan next week :o(

    Come on Matthew for the final! There are definitely going to be a few tens about - wouldn't be shocked if we saw a perfect score :o)