Monday, 26 March 2012

Dancing on Ice: The Final!

As usual, scores are for guidance - this one's up to us! A vocal Bolero performance first, from opera singers Noah Stewart and Laura Wright - it's available to download too.

What was destined to be my favourite dance of the night didn't disappoint, as Mattina and in particular Matt, showcased everything he'd learned with a supreme interpretation of Singin' in the Rain. With Daniel, Vicky and Andrei helping out in a big ensemble piece and Nina the spitting image of Debbie Reynolds, it was perfectly pitched, with Matt a modern Gene Kelly. They were always going to get me with this! Score: 10/10/10 = 30 High fives all around! Chris called it incredible, goosebumps, just smiling all through; Robin said he's been waiting weeks to push the 1 and 0 together and that Gene Kelly was his idol and Matt was the leading man, going solo, using props, perfect partnership; Katarina called it totally perfect, it captured the feel of the music and the character, quality of skills, lift, performance, charming and playful - outstanding; Louie said it was absolutely superb and surpassed what he'd seen on feet! Unbelievable musicality.

Jorgatt to Fame, with Brianne, Mark, Sylvain and Maria to help with lots of spectacular tricks but not so much to show off her skating skills. Why do they give the little bubbly one the disco number each time (Chelsee?) They never quite capture the audience like an old style proper dance. Score: 10/9.5/9.5 = 29 Louie said she was hot and burnt the floor, it was fabulous, with speed precision and personality; Robin and Katarina both agreed re the lack of solo skating but she highlighted her energy and performance, playing to her strengths.

Chiceyne with Chico as The Fonz and Happy Days on ice! Sean, Lukazs, Frankie and Alexandra pitch in and all was going swimmingly until the big lift didn't come off, good recovery though I bet Jodeyne's bum hurts! Full of fun and great skating. Score: 8.5/8.5/9 = 26 Chris praised the recovery; Robin said it worked overall, the first half was fantastic and he didn't lose momentum after the fall; Katarina said it always breaks their hearts when something like that happens and was glad he came back right away. Louie called him the ultimate performer.

Back with each of their favourite routines and Mattina choose Don't Stop Me Now, tired arms in the big lift, he just held it, plenty of passion and energy everywhere else. Score: 9.5/9.5/9.5 = 28.5 beating the previous mark of 26. Jayne called it mature and controlled; there's no stopping him now.

Jorgatt to Fallin', which just has to be tens - completely beautiful, could see nothing wrong there at all, gorgeous intricate choreography and an amazing drape lift/spin to end. Chris has a lump in his throat, Jayne has goosebumps. Score: 10/10/10 = 30

Chiceyne to Sexy And I Know It, great fun and great control. Score 10/10/10 = 30 - thoroughly deserved, said Jayne.

The cut off point - our votes decide who'll get to perform Bolero. The Leaderboard shows Jorgatt on 59, Mattina 58.5 and Chiceyne 56 out of 60. Louie praises all three for their for their true dedication and skill to get here, all phenomenal, all deserving winners; Katarina called the standard incredible and that anyone seeing them for the first time would think they've been doing it for ten years; Robin said he asked for a lot and one performance had it all - Singing in the Rain.

The class of 2012 turn up - Mariandy, who left far too soon, Charlene with that lovely Ina Bauer. The Moment of Truth #1 - Mattina and Jorgatt make it through! Much love to Chiceyne, you'll see them on tour.

The Bolero Skate off - Mattina: goosebump city, full of passion, gorgeous skating, attack, intensity and fluidity. Karen's face said it all. Chris called it sublime, Matt puts his heart and soul into everything; Robin told him he laid everything out in front of us, he had to fight for the big lift again and he did, it was the most difficult Bolero we've ever seen, a privilege to watch; Katarina called it mesmerising, there was always something going on, gentle, sexy, intense and asked, what kind of a world class skater would he have become if he'd started as a little boy! Louie said it was superb, it became an extension of him and he invited us in.

Er, follow that then Jorgatt! They had a good go but it was more set moves than fluid movement and not as pretty as Fallin' - so it's Matt getting my vote (again, he got it earlier too!) Jayne said Jorgie looked like a ballerina; Katarina praised the beauty, elegance, posture, passion and performance and said she should be proud; Louie said she'd outdone herself with a slow, lyrical, dramatic routine; Robin said we got to see her beautifully.

The Moment of Truth #2 Come on come on come on come on come on ... it's .... oh, highlights first *hums* and Dancing on Ice Champion 2012 is: MATTINA! Well, wow, what a series!

If you're missing it already, check out who's on tour!


  1. Yay Matthew! :o)

    We didn't see Chico being knocked out oR any of the bolero's on tv because we were driving back from Chepstow and ITV+1 failed us spectacularly! Grr

    Saw the showcase routines (before the tv went to pot!) and to be honest I thnk Matts was the only one that was really a showcase. Chico and Jorgie were both good, but theirs seemed much more like group routines with everybody doing the same thing whereas Matt did his own moves for his skate, so it looked a lot more unique and impressive. Though I do adore Jorgie and Matts Fallin' routine - soooooooooooooo beautiful! :o)

    I wonder who will be doing the next series ;o)

  2. I agree, Matt's really showcased him. And I thought Jorgie's Bolero would have been more like Fallin' so was a little disappointed in that. Overall though, how fantastic a series :)