Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dancing on Ice: Clowns to the left of us; magicians to the right!

It's Props night! With a circus theme in the ring of ice!

Semmy to Magic, 6 props - cane; flowers;rope;magic hanky;secret hanky and bunting! Phew - fantastic, outstandingly her best, brilliant skating, fluid all through considering the fiddly props, my absolute favourite of theirs, fun and personality, stunning! Score: 8.5/9/8.5 = 26 Robin called it powerful, strong and fluid, it ticked all the boxes; Katarina really enjoyed it, all the skating moves were there; Louie called it fun and fabulous, props suited, naturally funny.

Chiceyne to - I missed the song, I'm guessing it's called Stronger - great timing with the bar bells, great skating, very strong, didn't like the song much though. Score: 9/9/9 = 27 Louie said the props were part of the performance, a complete whole; Katarina told him he shines every week, the lift was brilliant; Robin called it a great job, very much in control.

Jorgatt to Video Games is beautiful and lyrical and the ribbon behaved, she kept it moving all the way, pretty lifts. Score: 6.5/5.5/8 = 20???????????? Ah, Robin said his should have been 8.5 but Louie? Had he seen Robin's and gone with it? He said no, he found it quite boring, he was waiting for something to happen with the ribbon and it was emotionless; Katarina said it was all there, a good job but not so much  difficult content as the others; Robin said it's tough to compare, it was beautiful but didn't have the technical content we're used to from Jorgie. Chris, Jayne and Karen all vehemently disagree - the ribbon was the hardest of all the props.

Mattina to Real Wild Child with him Ringmaster to Nina's lioness. Excellent as always, not as fluid due to the nature of the props - whip and hoop, massive lift, character swagger. Score: 9.5/9.5/9 = 28 Katarina said it had fun, entertainment, everything, the whip work looked natural *coughs/blushes* Robin praised the complete package, skating skills and lift, calling it terrific and really strong; Louie said it was fabulous, he owned every one of the props and it had light and shade.

Dannifer to You've Got A Friend in Me is delightful, pure theatre, a lovely charming programme, so in character, a perfect clown partnership. Score: 8/8/8.5 = 24.5 Katarina was smiling the whole time, it was adorable, charming and timing was incredible; Louie praised the inventiveness with the props, it made him smile; Robin said they drew us in with the way they are together, a very honest performance.

Leader board: Mattina 28; Chiceyne 27; Semmy 26; Dannifer 24.5; Jorgatt 23 - bit of shocker there! I'm sure she'll be safe. So who's going to lose out? Following Marcus Collins with T&D and the pro skaters, the first couple safe is: Dannifer! Mattina; Jorgatt! It's Chiceyne versus Semmy, the only ones with previous skate offs, so not a huge surprise. Chemmy pulls off another great performance and Chico does everything he possibly could. It's a split decision and it goes Chico's way, as Louie and Robin save him. But Semmy go out on their best performance and one that I may well add to my faves!

Next week - the Ultimate Skills Test is back; they all have to do it! And, just to ratch it up, top of the leader board will make it straight through to the final! Ooooh, they really don't want to choose between Jorgatt and Mattina do they?! Till then x


  1. I'm with you Scatty - not exactly suprised that Chemmy and Chico were the bottom two. Like the themed props - much better than a random jumble of props and songs. Much more entertaining! Loved all the routines if I'm honest :o)

    Next week however will be very interesting. Will Chico get a reprieve? Just how popular is Jennifer? Can't wait to find out! :o)

  2. Me neither, roll on tonight!