Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dancing on Ice: Boys versus Girls

Yes, I know, it's been nearly a week but I had things to do, people to see, networks to net with and mountains to climb, as usual ! So the review had to wait but I'm here now and seeing Captains Matthew and Jorgie picking their teams, with the winning team doubling their individual points - this should nicely ensure the panel aren't having to choose between Jorgie and Matt come skate off time!

Isn't Christine a tad worried that Philip will step on that dress - and send that split right up where it really oughtn't to go?

Jorgatt set the bar to Crazy in Love and a diva performance that befits Beyonce, fierce, intricate, fast and furious, a little hectic in places, great shoulder spin. Score: 9/8.5/8.5 = 26 Robin said her infectious personality drew everyone in and she attacked with abandon; Katarina praised the perfect package and the passion; Louie loved the Hair, body shake, speed, precision and that she let it rip.

Vindy and Suspicious Minds, it's the same nice fluid skating but not so much with the attack, nice lifts, not spectacular. Score: 6.5/7/7 = 20.5 Katarina said the skating was more fluid, controlled and comfortable but he's still crunching his shoulders; Louie called it clean and tidy but a little laboured; Robin liked the speed across the ice and saw the improvement from last week.

Chiceyne with Sexy and I Know It, topless - hilarious song (personally, it's my choice for a Robin Windsor cha cha, with that body, camp fun of the highest calibre!) Poor Jodeyne though, that fall looked nasty. Great butt work to start with and only he could have carried that routine off, so funny but still great skating. Jayne Torvill "Was he skating? ("I didn't notice" was left unsaid, lol) Score: 8.5/8/8.5 = 25 Louie reckons taking his clothes off got him no extra points and praised the strength, personality, great power and fluidity; Robin liked the controlled abandon, lifts and footwork; Katarina said "I always thought less is more but with you more is better!"

Semmy and Next To Me, lovely peek-a-boo start, plateau lift fully extended, smooth skating, a complicated routine very well done, the elegance and the power in equal measure now. Robin said it was absolutely brilliant, pristine crossovers, technically the best skating we've seen! Katarina called it world class, beautiful and knew she'd go for it; Louie said it was so complete, elegant, graceful stunning partnership.

Dannifer to Happy - her lines are so beautiful and she's so emotive; she lives every moment. Gorgeous routine. Score: 9/7.5/8 = 24.5 aw, bless, she's gone ... Louie said that's how you do a lyrical dance on ice, you capture with emotion, fresh and exciting, special; Robin saw she was in her moment, called it exquisite and beautiful to watch; Katarina called her body language "poetry".

Mattina and Dance With Me Tonight is so tight, so rhythmic, intricate, fab solid lifts and a pure pleasure to watch, he makes it look so easy. Score: 9.5/9.5/9.5 = 28.5 Robin said his repertoire of material is growing, the performer in him makes it so natural to watch, brilliant; Katarina said he has everything - acting, dancing, entertaining, skating; Louie said it's like watching a professional , the ease, stunning to watch.

So the leaderboard, pre Team Challenge: Mattina 28.5; Jorgatt 26; Semmy 25.5; Chiceyne 25; Dannifer 24.5; Vindy 20.5

Team Jorgie out first with Spice Up Your Life and it's a fab routine, full of life, joy, sassy and all so together. Team Matthew to YMCA, great fun, nice set pieces ie the train, the circle, the spelling of the letters but I don't think it had as much content as the girls and not so together. So it's the girls who get my vote. But since my vote counts for naff all, let's go to the judges. Katarina called it testosterone v sex appeal; girls want to have fun, boys exciting - Team Jorgie; Louie said there wasn't much in it and plumps for Team Matthew; Robin with the deciding vote and it's Team Jorgie for the cohesive, fast fun! The leaderboard now looks like this: Jorgatt 52; Semmy 51; Dannifer 49; Mattina 28.5; Chiceyne 25; Vindy 20.5.

Onto results then: Safe - Mattina; Jorgatt; Dannifer; Chiceyne which leaves Semmy versus Vindy; Andy's already saying his goodbyes. But we know anything can happen - and almost does, as Sean trips up! But he catches himself and another clean skate from Semmy see them go through to Props week. Vindy, all relaxed now, have a better skate than before. Next week (this week now) it's Props night, with a circus theme; Matthew has a whip. That's got to be worth a look in, hasn't it?


  1. I think it was time for Andy to go - we've got the right final five :o)

    Forgive me Scatty, but when I read whip I had naughty thoughts! Lol ;o)

  2. You're forgiven, the same thoughts crossed my mind too!