Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing; Dancing on Ice; The Voice; Britain's Got Talent

Rival shows, The Voice and Britain's Got Talent are set to air at the end of March, reports Unreality TV.

The Voice is apparently scheduled for the 24th, with BGT making its 2012 debut the week after, on the 31st. The Battle for Saturday Night Viewers will then commence! And we'll become increasingly bored with the 'insiders' and 'close sources' quotes ...

Karen Bruce is the latest, sensible name to be linked with the vacant role of Strictly Come Dancing judge. The celebrated choreographer was featured in So You Think You Can Dance and is well known and liked by the professional dancers. Not being known by the wider public is surely not a problem - who knew Bruno, Craig and Len before the show began? And Arlene was probably only known to those of us who remembered Hot Gossip! Word is, Karen has screen tested very well and isn't afraid to vice her opinion - think Katarina Witt but without any chance of being misunderstood: If Karen says you're a bit s**t, you probably are!

Matt Evers could well be sporting the zombie look tonight, after been slashed by Jorgie Porter's blade during rehearsal yesterday and rushed to hospital for stitches in a gash to his forehead.

Sticking with Dancing on Ice, the tabloids are reporting that Karen Barber has a massive problem with Katarina Witt. Apparently, according to a 'source close to the show', the new judge is making "scathing comments and cruel remarks" to the contestants and Karen, obviously, wants to defend her charges. Now, I don't know about you, but I actually watch the show and I've yet to hear anything from Katarina that isn't just downright honest when it comes to critiquing their skating. It might be said less delicately than someone whose first language is English, but I certainly wouldn't consider anything she's said to be cruel. If the celebrities think she's being scathing (and I think it's the usual tabloid nonsense) they really need to get out in the real world more.

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