Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Singing in the Rain in the West End/BAFTAs

One of the best loved and most iconic Hollywood musicals is opening in the West End tonight.

The Telegraph's Dominic Cavendish talks to Singing in the Rain director Jonathan Church and stars Adam Cooper and Scarlett Strallen (who recently toured with Tom Chambers in Top Hat), about re-creating the legendary roles of Don Blackwood and Kathy Selden, so synonymous with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.

And a few musings from a very enjoyable and entertaining BAFTAs on Sunday night:

Tom Jones - surely a cameo in a Bond film, playing our hero's suave, singing, womanising  dad (it worked in Indiana Jones?!)

Stephen Fry referring to the "assorted media scum" and "Meryl Thatcher; trophy snatcher" amongst many other funny - but not majorly insulting to the guests - linkings.

When did Ben Kingsley ever in appear in Harry Potter - and someone please tell Helena that Potter's over; it's finished, she can let the Bellatrix look go.

A dead flamingo at the NTA's, now we've Octavia sporting the remains of the cast of The Birds. Maybe it was her homage to Hitchcock?

The Diva entrance to beat all entrances by Meryl Streep, who took the opportunity to snog Colin 'Prince Charming' Firth. You see, they're not so different from us after all.

The French director of The Artist, accepting an award for one of his crew who couldn't be there: "I guess he would thank ... well, me!" Very funny man, although I was bit concerned when his leading actor said he was going to bust a kitten.

And a terrific double act from Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman: 'they're scared we may say stuff like "call this a f****g Opera House?"'

From start to finish a delight, if you didn't see it, hit i-Player.

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