Sunday, 26 February 2012

Let's Dance for Sport Relief: Week 2

On the panel, former champ Rufus Hound, former contestant Iain Lee and the dad dancer legend that is Vic Reeves.

Eddie the Eagle is Austin Powers! He just is: goofy, pitched perfectly, this is fab! No surprise that he has timing, you wouldn't chuck yourself of a bloody big hill without it, would you? Feel good, great style and rhythm, plenty of choreography and big smiles all round from everyone! A star turn!

Myles Jupp has to follow that and I'm a bit partial to Myles - fabulous stick work to Firestarter, if he doesn't win this, there's a place from him with the Medway Baton Twirlers. Alice Barry is from Shameless, she gets everyone bobbing about to Outside, especially Steve Jones when she did an *ooh er missus* on his nether regions. If a bloke did  that to a woman, he'd be forever damned, sacked and vilified on Twitter forever more. Ava Vidal and her jazz dancers gets us into a swing mood with Get Happy, I love that song!

The Towie pairing of Amy and Harry show some real dance talent with Me Against The Music , in fact, only switching on as I did halfway through this, I'd no idea that Harry was a girl,  I just kept thinking how like Brittany from Glee he looked! He's either naturally very talented or he's had a serious amount of training! Was it just me hoping that Ed Sheeran would give them a slap to Shut Them Up properly in the bar? Alexandra Burke going for the Jessie J Look, which is even less flattering on her. Who advises them, seriously?

Results in and first out is Alice, followed by Ava. Straight through is ... Eddie the Eagle, yay! And after saying Towie were the best, the panel put through Myles! But as far as the final is concerned, it's Eddie versus Laurie and Tameka so far!

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