Sunday, 19 February 2012

Let's Dance for Sport Relief: Eastender's Tameka and Laurie through

The return of my favourite feel good show and there's that bird feather skirt again, this time on Alex, with a bit chopped off. Am I to assume that feathers are in, then? Is Nancy Dell Olio's feather boa to blame for this worrying trend?

Judges for the evening are those well known dance masters Graham Norton (Father Noel Furlong in Father Ted - remember Riverdance?) Greg Davies, who's very tall and Ballet Rambert trained, and Keith Lemon, whose turn as Baby in the Dirty Dancing routine stunned both critics and fans alike.

Five contestants, and Eastender's Laurie and Tameka are possibly set to become the first lady winners, storming through to the final with their Lady Ga Ga/Beyonce Telephone routine - timing, attitude, rhythm  in a proper full on routine, unlike Terry Alderton who also made it through, just for wearing a dress and having nice legs, following a less precise Tina Turner strut to Proud Mary. I say that, it's pretty much what Tina Turner does so ... Keith put him through at the behest of the studio audience after Graham voted for Tony and David and Greg left the decision to him by voting for Terry.

Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton gave an energetic performance to Salt'n'Pepa's Push It, with Tony Blackburn clearly loving every minute - he really gets what these shows are all about. Darren Gough was cursed with being the single male not dressed as a woman and doing a proper dance - Gym Mambo from West Side Story -  he's still got the moves and Craig R-H will be so happy that he mostly remembered his hands! Ulrika was too softly softly for the Roxanne tango but Angelos, who, up till now I couldn't see the appeal, turned in a magnificent performance that begs to see him, in his own persona, on Strictly! Strength and attitude and hopefully a personality out of character.

Next week, Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. I can't even begin to imagine.


  1. Without sounding like I'm being rude - we were really impressed that Laurie and Tameka kept that up all the way through. Great stamina! They were on the music and in time with the rest of the dancers from start to finish - made us smile! :o)

    Terry was just a bit weird really - what was with the face he was pulling!?

    Can't wait for Eddie the Eagle. It needs to live up to my expectations! Lol

  2. Yes, the bloke-in-a-dress only works a la Rufus and Robert when he can actually dance the routine properly. But it worked for the Eastenders because their two characters are so huge they're (certainly with Lady GG) almost transgender!

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