Monday, 20 February 2012

Dancing on Ice - Ultimate Skills Week

A spin, step and a jump to master, specifically, a massive steps (plural) sequence, a proper jump or more and some serious spinning, preferably with 3 rotations! And if it isn't enough to keep them out of the skate off, there will follow a solo skate comprising all those elements again! Brutal. For some, that is, for others it's a mega showing off session. And at the end of it all, TWO will leave!

Chiceyne set the bar to Mama do the Hump and Bloody Hell was my reaction to that first big lift, very impressive, as were his steps, jumps and the only little wobble coming out of a very long spin! Score: 8/8/8 = 24 Robin called it a terrific way to start the show; Louie loves that he performs from beginning to end and Katarina called him a thoroughbred.

Semmy to Hold On and she's definitely softened, still needs to finish some lines but lovely steps, a little wobble after the spin but overall a very good performance as you'd expect from a sportswoman who understands what you need to do and applies it. It was also good to see the relationship there is between  them, she always captures the feel of the piece. Score: 7.5/7.5/7 = 22 Katarina praises the combination attempt; Louie was dancing it with her and Robin advised that elegance looked good on her, her tricks were lovely and footwork tidy.

Dannifer to Candy Man with great characterization as always, great steps, energy and those flyaways were lovely. And well done for getting back out there. Score: 7.5/6.5/6 = 20 Chris "don't turn her upside down, it'll all come gushing out again." Robin called her a great performer, safe but beautifully executed; Katarina called her courageous and like the overall performance and Louie called her solid.

Vindy skate to Land of a Thousand Dances, good spin, shame he mucked up the steps, the lift looked hard work and hello? Cameraman? Where'd he go? Score: 7.5/6.5/5.5 = 19.5 I thought a bit generous actually, considering the steps sequence. Robin loved the performance and that he recovered the steps, collectively he compensated; Louie wrote down Mr Rhythm, Mr Performance, Mr Personality and told him he pops! Katarina said he was sneaking in the skating skills but had some knots in his legs.

Sebianne to Omen with strong, raw power, slight mishap in the hydraplane thingy but so fast, bit frantic. Score: 8/7.5/6.5 = 22 Bless, he's not happy but it was his best performance when it counted. Louie tells him to get over being a perfectionist and concentrate on the performance; Katarina liked the fast, well executed steps.

Jorgatt to Louder and I swear she hit her head during that headbanger - not that I was watching, I was trying to uncurl my toes - what a performance, all the elements packed in tight with style. Score: 8.5/8.5/8.5 = 25.5 Robin said she delivers but some footwork was incorrect! Louie called it downright dirty and dangerous; Katarina is amazed by her fearlessness and was blown away, calling her almost unbeatable and unstop ...stop... stopable, eventually.

Samandra skate to Lightning and why do they give them that stupid, dangerous frog lift? Oh, they've taken it out. Well, good! Lovely presentation and nice skating, elements well done, but you can see the injury on his mind. Score: 7/6.5/5.5 = 19 Chris said they're all jubilant he made it through because in the morning, Alexandra didn't think she had a partner, although Karen's face at Katarina's "concentrating hard, holding back in performance" comments was a picture; Louie praised the clean performance and lovely turn; Robin called it neat and tidy and gave credit for the focus.

Andi to Push the Button and she's so lovely but just so hesitant and slow, it's such a shame. Nice spin though, a little jump, very careful steps sequence - and a spectacular lift! Score: 7/5.5/5 = 17.5 Louie praised her vast improvement and that she took control; Katarina said she was a great dancer but her feet didn't move enough and Robin told her she did a lot more than they were expecting. Bless, she's a bit crushed cos she had to commit a lot to that.

Mattini last out to Without You - I've been expecting this song since I first heard it, thought it would be terrific to skate to and I'm glad it went to Mattina, with a cracking routine, intense yet still so musical, the whirly bird, nailed and huge OMG lift, big spin, stunning, so in tune with each other and the music. Fantastic. Score: 9/9.5/9.5 = 28 It's the best they've ever skated it; Jayne looks like a proud mummy. Katarina is acting out being not worthy, while thanking them and praising the really excellent, almost perfect steps and the mood; Louie says he got his spark back, and used stunning and fabulous, while Robin said every move he made, he made it notice, it was pristine!

So the leaderboard stands thus: Mattina 28; Jorgatt 25.5; Chiceyne 24; Semmy&Sebianne 22; Dannifer 20; Vindy 19.5; Samandra 19; Andi 17.5. Now seeing that and knowing what follows, the judges may decide they need to be a little more circumspect when dishing out the scores - had Vindy been one place down, Semmy or Sebianne may have made it safely through. As it is ...

The final decision rested with Robin after the public votes saved, in no particular order - Mattina; Vindy; Jorgatt; Dannifer; Chiceyne and Samandra. Which meant Semmy v Sebianne v Andi and clearly Heidi was earmarked to go. But after an "I pity anyone who is in a skate off with me" off the cuff remark to camera by Sebastien, it all went horribly, horribly wrong for him.

Chemmy came out and delivered the 23 elements very well with one little hiccup and got a "fluid and constant" from Katarina a "Speed and rhythm" from Louie and a "contained your composure" from Robin to make it a tough choice. I still thought, if I'm honest, that Sebastien would come out powerful and irresistible and yet, somehow, he lost his way and suddenly I was thinking, Oh, my God, he's stopped! He completely lost it, how disappointing. Katarina was in tears, she's been a fan all through. Robin advise they (the contestants) couldn't have improvised, they only had those skills and Louie told him he'd been incredible but that's the nature of competition. Heidi remembered all the steps and did all the elements, although slowly and carefully and it wasn't going to be enough to save her. Louie said there wasn't so much speed and drama, neither were there any obvious mistakes; Robin was glad she put everything into it and Katarina advised she skated up to her potential. Chemmy was saved, which I'm really glad about - but how sad to lose Sebastien, he rocked! There's a couple of others I'd have preferred to lose before either of them. And they've set me off now ... Chris said he didn't think they'd be doing this again - and said it was all Jayne's fault, it was her idea! I think he was kidding. It's been emotional, till next time x


  1. There were tears in our house too last night Scatty! I admit that he wasn't a favoured skater of mine, but you couldn't help but feel sorry for him and his face just said it all really. We suddenly realised he hadn't done the spin as Tony was commenting on it. Going out because someone performed better or you made legitimate mistakes or whatever is bad, but going out knowing you could do the skills, but just forgot in the moment must be awful!

    Phil and his silly questions did make me chuckle though - 'that must have been devestating, how do you feel?'.

    Shows that there really is a comradship between the skaters what with Chemmy trying to shout out the sequence to him. I suppose the audience cheering (even though they were also trying to hepl in their own way_ drowned our any possibility of hearing anyone giving instructions.

    I like Andy, but there's no way he deserved a score of 19.5 last night. Soooooo many mistakes and very wobbly! I'm glad Sam was saved becuase personally I think he was severely undermarked in comparison to the people he was with on the leaderboard.

    Can't believe we're down to 7 skaters now! The bottom of the leaderbaord has got to drop away soon I would have thought. The top three do seem to be rather clearly Jorgie, Matt and Chico. It's the boys impressing me at the moment ;o)

  2. I thought Sam should have been above Andy and that would have made the difference I reckon, such a shame - who knew it'd get that emotional!