Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dancing on Ice: Rocking All Over The Ice

The Rock of Ages cast do a Glee, with the pro skaters accompanying for a high energy rocking start to Don't Stop Believing.

And it's Mattina to kick us off in typically excellent fashion to Don't Stop Me Now, fantastic floor/ice work, the training footage was obviously early in the week because the small lift looked effortless, so fluid, exciting and raw. Not a Queen fan but I'll always see this when I hear it now. Score: 9/8.5/8.5 = 26 Louie never wants to stop him, as he's beautifully lyrical, edgy and speedy; Katarina told him he rocked the audience and Robin was impressed with the control and says he's really good to watch.

Semmy comes out Stronger to Kelly Clarkson, the power's back but she's kept the elegance, full of attitude and energy, her best overall performance. Score: 7.5/7/7 = 21.5 Robin called it contained solid skating; Katarina called her a rock star on ice, right on the rhythm; Louie agreed it was by far her strongest performance, with elegant arm and leg lines.

Dannifer to Total Eclipse of the Heart, major emotional connection, more attack, speedier and stronger, great lines as ever and a mega necklace spin to finish. Score: 8/7/7 = 22 Katarina saw a different Jennifer; Robin praised the blade use and Louie her wonderful extensions, emotion and fluidity. She's well made up!

Vindy to Don't Look Back in Anger and clearly now the weakest left in the competition, there doesn't appear to have been much improvement compared with the others. No attack, he's just going through the motions, sadly; I found that a bit boring. Score: 6/6.5/6.5 = 19 and his whining about the scores is really getting on my wick. Katarina missed the character but praised the strokes and lift; Robin called it clean and nice but a bit flat and Louie saw moments of heartbreak but it needed more emotion. And he's whining again. Time to go, I think.

Samandra have the frog lift again, would you look at the state of his legs? Skating to Human - he's not an actor but he emotes so well, wobbly frog lift but held it and did a tricky little routine fluidly. Score: 8/7/7 = 22 Louie called him a dancer, said he grasped the precision, mastered the emotion and that he had the best lines in the competition; Katarina liked how he smiles when he performs and the great spin and steps; Robin told him he commanded our attention, every move convincing.

Jorgatt with everybody's favourite theatrical Gothic number, Bring Me To Life and they bring the ice to life, fabulous, dramatic and that neck spin, wow. Brave Matt! Score: 8.5/9/9 = 26.5 Robin called the performance all encompassing - theatrical and emotive: Katarina said it's always a Wow, and was dark, strong, incredible tricks; Louie saw a bit of hesitancy but agreed it had everything.

Chiceyne to Monie Monie and another energetic and enthusiastic performance, making the lifts look effortless, even in that wig. Score: 8.5/8/8 = 24.5 Katarina saw everything she wanted, energy, power and a hint of wildness (don't think she was talking about the wig); Louie didn't have much to moanie moanie about, called him a born performer and Robin used controlled, solid and gusto but said he needed a little finesse.

Leaderboard: Jorgatt 26.5; Mattina 26; Chiceyne 24.5; Dannifer & Samandra 22; Semmy 21.5; Vindy 19

I think it's a question of which one is in the skate off with Vindy. Isn't it?

Safe: Mattina; Jorgatt; Dannifer; Vindy! You have got to be kidding me? I mean, I know in Strictly I'll accept the less technically gifted if they entertain, up to a certain point, but on the ice, it's different. Such a shame we're going to lose one of the others before their time. Semmy take the safety train to the corner and it's Chiceyne versus Samandra. Gutted for them.

Samandra made the frog lift much stronger - pressure off, nothing to lose, fabulous second performance. Chiceyne follow up with a better performance too and it's they who are voted through unanimously.

So we're down to six - team challenge next week!

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