Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dancing on Ice ... Pops!

One Direction *screams* (not really) accompany T&D with the Pro dancers; the couples join in, amazing how speedy and confident they all look when not on their own and being scored!

Dannifer out first this week, to Vogue and Jennifer's totally got the look and the feel, great timing, more speed, lovely solo arabesque/spiral, confident, lost a little attack halfway but fantastic style. Score: 6/5.5/5.5 = 17 Chris said it's one of her best with great vogueing. Louie called it lovely with good strong lines but would like her to attack more; Robin said the detail was brilliant but she needs to maintain the focus and Katarina loved the crisp, sharp beginning but said it was still a little basic.

Samandra with possibly the worst costumes ever, to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and the cheesiness has turned me off. Timid in the lift naturally, following the falls, not his best performance, there's something about the song, it's so over used, I'm immune to any dance to it I think. Which is a shame, I didn't see the usual Mark, he was far too quiet. Score: 5/5.5/6 = 16.5 Jayne said he had more fun after the lift; I concur. Katarina called him a surprise egg, you never know what you'll get, she liked the energy and speed and the pairs skating; Louie said it wasn't as strong as last week; Robin pointed out the great basic skating skills, the entertainment factor and said it went to another level after the lift.

Mattene to Poker Face with some nice touches but not so smooth and Matt still doing the work, impressive splits lift. Score: 5/4/4.5 = 13.5 I think she's headed for the skate off again, sadly. Her fastest yet and she kept up, says Chris. Robin praised her attitude and the fantastic split lift but there's nothing new technically; Katarina a little disappointed, was expecting more although Louie enjoyed the greater dance content, that it was faster and the nicer lines; careful how you present that flexibility (he's up doing a Bruno, so to speak).

Sebianne to Fire with Fire which I've never heard but I think is Scissor Sisters - it doesn't matter because ... he is so damn exciting! Fast, rhythmic, landed those unusual jumps, he just goes for it! 7.5/7/7 = 21.5 and Happy Birthday Brianne! Jayne "we told him to jump; he asked 'how high?'" Louie said: Hello, personality! And said he was on fire, loved the speed and beautiful arm lines, and that Seb was hungry for it; Katarina is in love with his spirit, energy and strength and called him fearless; Robin says his is a visible journey, noticeable at home.

Andi to Price Tag, good attitude, more splits, just held the solo and very nicely done, elegantly groovy. Score: 6/5/5.5 = 16.5 her highest score yet, Chris says we can see her confidence growing. Robin enjoyed the lifts and lovely partnership and says they're going in the right direction; Louie praised a great job and wonderful connection and the well executed simplicity with good rhythm; Katarina needs more spark in the performance.

Vindy and 500 Miles with a great solo start, full character, energy, nailed the worrying roll up lift, seem to end a little suddenly, liked they'd missed something though?! Score: 5/6/6.5 = 17.5 Jayne said he thoroughly deserved his score, most improved in the competition; Katarina praised the chemistry, great skating and entertainment; Robin called him engaging and fun to watch; Louie says he has good rhythm and makes him smile.

Semmy to The Locomotion, impressive solo skating and tricky footwork, nailed the big lift *phew* if a little untidy in places but gutsy as ever. Score: 5/7.5/7 = 20 Chris says she came back like an express train; Robin said the details are seamless, loved the power and speed; Katarina loved the energy and how much skating in the programme, she loves how she performs; Louie agreed re the power and speed but would like more finesse and elegance.

Mattina to The Look of Love, he's so musical and funky, really knows how to sell it, excellent feet! Score: 8.5/8/6.5 = 23 Jayne says he's still up there, even with the pressure, even carrying injury. Louie praised his consistency, fluidity, pace and performance and called him a pleasure to watch; Katarina felt it was nervy and was disappointed as her expectations are high; Robin agreed with both but said he's still doing more technically than anyone else.

Chiceyne to Don't Stop Moving is Fab-u-lous! Excellent control and timing, mostly, quick around the ice, steady partnering, personality and groovy dancing. Score: 7.5/7/7 = 21.5 Chris says he's more and more fluid, coming together so well; Katarina says he's solid and connected and she loves what she sees; Robin noticed he got a little ahead and advised him to keep a little bit back; Louie loved the opening, hips and fluidity.

Romark to Perfect, attempting the upside down sick lift! They put it at the end and didn't spin so much, another nice performance, mostly smooth, elegant but I'm not seeing anything new really. Score: 4.5 /5.5/7 = 17 Jayne praised the fluid and quiet skating; Louie says its charming and beautiful but similar to last week, borderline boring; Katarina said it works for her, charming and elegant, connection, beautiful pairs skating; Robin called it lovely, sweet, elegant and faster, and said the basic skating quality is excellent.

Jorgatt and the iconic Britney, Hit Me Baby, complete with school uniform. I think she's fantastic but I found this quite disjointed, there was so much packed into it I thought she struggled to keep up and therefore couldn't finish everything off like she normally does. Score: 8.5/8/7.5 = 24 Top score, so what do I know? Chris said she has all the tricks and brings it to life; Robin said she encapsulated the role but found it a little choppy and not in control (maybe I do know?) Not her best but solid; Katarina praised the delivery of the concentrated content; Louie liked the speed, elegance, grace, transitions and partnership.

To the leaderboard: Jorgatt 24; Mattina 23; Sebianne 21.5; Chiceyne 21.5; Semmy 20; Vindy 17.5; Dannifer 17; Romark 17; Samandra 16.5; Andi 16.5; Mattene 13.5.

And onwards to results: Safe - Andi; Jorgatt; Vindy; Sebianne - we reach that point where the nervous smiles turn to worried frowns and hand wringing - Mattina - Dannifer - Chiceyne - Semmy - Romark.

It's Samandra versus Mattene - Sam needs to nail that lift. Or will they let Charlene go - three weeks in the skate off? She seems to have lost heart a little; I do like those two handed jumps of Samandra and he had more energy and his basic skating is so much stronger. Over to the panel and, yes, it's a clean sweep for Samandra. Till next week! Catch up at like the nice lady on the telly just said!


  1. Some totally crazy scoring from Katarina this week! Mum nearly lost it when she gave Rosemary and 7, matching the score she gave Chico and Chemmy and actually bettering the score she gave Matthew.

    To us Rosemary is a very basic skater, smooth certainly, but basic in skill. Much like Heidi she seems to do little on her own and a 7 was just ludicrous!

    Still loving all my little troupe of favourites - Jorgie, Matthew, Chemmy, Chico, Jennifer and Andy. Particularly enjoyed Andy and Chemmy this week, and I do agree that maybe Jorgie and Matthew had done better previously, but their routines are still great to watch! :o)

    Good song choices in general this week, though I think I agree with you about 'Wake Me Up' Scatty. It has lost some of it's appeal through over use hasn't it.

    Can't believe we'll be nearly halfway next week - where's the time going!?

  2. Katarina was a bit contrary wasn't she, her comments seemed to suggest she was given Rosemary the score because of her age, which is a bit unfair on everyone else! Am loving all the top lot, in fact I'm not voting because I can't choose just one!