Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dancing on Ice: Love is in the Air

Yes, it's that week of the competition when the sickly smiles and ruination of classic love songs takes precedence of the skating skills ... or is it? On this occasion, no, as it happens - they've all upped their game and the bottom two will be even tougher to call!

Mattina kick us off to Buble's Everything and it's sublime and beautiful, a huge lift, nailed. Gorgeous routine, smooth, fluid and intricate and a fabulous partnership. Score: 7/7.5/7.5 = 22 Chris called it a really sophisticated routine and Matthew an ice dancer. Katarina concurs and likes how his face was alight. Louie loved the flow but would like a little more extension and Robin found the natural movement relaxed and joyful.

Semmy with I'm Into You and she was into it, really sold it and put herself into contention. Very confident, great lifts, remembered her arms, plenty of attack, fabulous aeroplane at the end! Score: 5/6.5/7 = 18.5 C'mon Louie, bit of credit there please, much improved. Jayne said it was her best all round performance and she even improvised to the music at the end. Louie wants her to find the light and shade as well as the fierce element; Robin tells her she has finessed, the power is controlled and and the quality good; Katarina likened her to a Greek Goddess and said the elements were very well done.

Vindy to Let's Get It On or, how to turn Marvin Gaye into the cheesiest number ever! Good fun, nicely skated, loved the tongue in cheek nature, made me smile. Score: 5.5/5.5/6.5 = 17.5 Chris said he's getting better and better, his edges are silent; Robin said he has great quality but needs to find power; Katarina enjoyed the lovely performance and Louie said he always gives a good, funny performance but he needs to see more now.

Andi to Wherever You Will Go with a beautiful beginning. huge shakiness into the big lift but she get there and there with confidence. Lovely skating, the trip at the end a real shame, recovered well. Score: 5/4.5/4.5 = 14 It was sugar she said! Jayne told her she skated out well and congratulated her on the lift; Louie commended the wonderful skating and beautiful arms in the lift; Robin said the exit of the lift was glorious and not to be despondent but Katarina is still missing the chemistry, cannot read her eyes.

A Torvill&Dean aerial special 'Dancing on Air' to With or Without You by Scala and the Kolacny brothers. Stunning.

Dannifer to Fever and looking red hot, it's her best yet, amazing choreography, delivered brilliantly, two lots of fabulous splits - she's cut her head with that big back kick though, nasty. Score: 7.5/5.5/6 = 19 her best yet and sadly she's not there to see it, busy having her head glued. Robin praised the flexibility that caused the injury and the fantastic performance but she does need more skating.

Chiceyne to L.O.V.E  with a very impressive, extraordinary long solo beginning, nailed the ballet lift, partnering, chemistry - it's all there, wonderful stuff, full of personality.  Score: 8.5/7/7.5 = 23 Jayne was more impressed by the skating than the lift; Louie called it performance of the night, a pleasure to watch; Katarina loved the starting sequence, the romance, the seamless fast and subtle lift and the partner engagement; Robin simply said it was spot on.

Romark to I'll Stand By You, lovely smooth skating as usual, the operative phrase there being 'as usual' a bit more attack but still just nice. Score: 5/5/5.5 = 15.5 Chris said she achieved the speed and the steps; Robin said it was the right direction but the speed and steps manipulated by Mark and they're running the risk of every routine looking the same.  Louie said it was her most complete performance but wants more pizazz and Katarina wants her to open up and show her love of skating.

Samandra skate to Just The Way You Are and he's so elegant and attentive, beautiful strong skating, lovely partnering, much improved on last week. Score: 6/6.5/7 = 19.5 He's one happy bunny, even Phil gets a cuddle. Jayne called it amazing and solid; Katarina loved the charming story, reliable and trustful partnering. Louie called him the cat with the cream and praised his beautiful arms and lines. Robin praised the smooth crossovers and said Alexandra is perfectly happy in his arms and he should enjoy it!

Jorgatt to Falling, dramatic start and drama all the way, hitting fantastic shapes and emotion. Score: 9/8.5/8.5 = 26 highest to date! Chris called it amazing, Louie called it believable and he was breathless; Katarina called it awesome and involving; Robin called it breathtaking and beautiful.

Sebianne to My Cherie Amour makes me smile, he's cheeky and romantic, the Russian Splits not perfect but he went for it - love that he diagramizes all his moves. No, I don't know if that's actually a word but it says what I mean. Jayne points out the difficulty; Robin praised the attempt and the quality of skating; Katarina loved the new romantic Seb and Louie called it lovely, beautiful, gentle, soft, magical to watch.

Straight to results - typing this as I was during the very entertaining BAFTAs - and it was Romark versus Semmy, sadly - and it's Romark who lose out. See all the news and gossip on the ITV website.

Lets' Dance for Sport Relief starts next Saturday, 7pm BBC1!


  1. Loved Jorgie's routine, but then I also love that song, so she was off to a good start automatically ;o)

    Bless Andy trying to be romantic - he looked so cute! :o)

    Not sure I totally understand what's going on with the show next week, but I think we can safely say Heidi is defintely going to struggle and Rosemary probably went out at the right moment because she would have as well.

    Bring on the skills! :o)

  2. I missed it all completely but I was beginning to wonder when they'd start to introduce different elements and skills, glad they're on their way!