Friday, 6 January 2012

Strictly Come Dancing Goes Virtual Reality!

Strictly Come Dancing has signed a deal with the virtual reality website, Stardoll, aimed at its teenage girl market.

The site allows users to design their own 'medolls' which they can dress in the finest of sequinned and bejewelled frocks as they participate in their very own version of the show and engage with a like minded community.

Simon Hutson of BBC Worldwide said: "Attracting new audiences as well as building strong relationships with some of the show's most passionate young fans in new and engaging ways marks a very exciting move for the Strictly brand.

"This digital world allows fans to experience the glamour of the ballroom before, during and after the show's transmission, and ensures they have their own way of interacting with the show in an environment they already socialise in."

Do you remember those paper doll books you used to get, where you cut out the paper doll figure and the paper clothes, hooking them on with little paper tabs - I guess this is the version for the 21st century! Until I found they're still going strong, if you know where to look!

picture via I Love Mel

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