Thursday, 5 January 2012

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing on Ice!

Nicole Scherzinger's name has been dropped into the mix for the vacant judge's spot on Strictly Come Dancing.

Reports are that the Beeb want to 'get their own back' on Simon Cowell for pinching Alesha, by enticing the ex-PussyCat Doll to Strictly from the US X-Factor. Seriously, do they really think the people at the Beeb have nothing better to do?

More likely is an approach because a) Nicole is a former winner of the US version Dancing With The Stars b) rumours are that her and Lewis Hamilton split up because of the Cowell X-Factor pressure but they're still good friends yada yada yada so maybe she'd welcome an excuse to come back to Blighty c) She was a good guest judge on X-Factor: Nurturing and supportive, generous with her praise and constructive in her criticism d) she's an industry professional dancer/performer and knows what it takes. So at least a serious contender - but it should still be Karen!

In Dancing on Ice, Chesney Hawkes has had to pull out due to injuries - sprained ankle, broken bone -  and his place is being taken by Chico, previously of X-Factor 'fame' - which means Cheseyne become Chiceyne. And which also means endless cries of "It's Chico Time". *Sighs*

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