Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Snippets: Ladies Who Lunge

Kirsty Swain, the partially deaf dancer who took part in Series 2 of So you Think You Can Dance, is one of the first people in the UK to use a newly designed water and shock proof hearing aid.

The Siemens Aquaris is the first instrument Kirsty has found that doesn't slip or move when she's dancing, meaning she can hear the music properly now, instead of relying on sound vibration or copying fellow dancers.

NO WAY! You have got to love those quotes ... Nancy, Nancy, who does your PR? They're brilliant! And little Chelsee, love her loads but really, no. Channelling positive thoughts to the BBC: *KarenHardy*KarenHardy*KarenHardy*KarenHardy* Seriously, an actual proper dance judge; a former professional winner on the show; the Queen of ITT Choreography; World Champion dancer; already in situ - why would they even begin to look elsewhere?

And depending on which paper you read, Christine Bleakley was a hit .. or a miss ... with Dancing on Ice fans! I just don't get the bitchiness towards presenters just doing a job, I really don't! Tess, and even Claudia, get stick too. Christine did as well as any other professional presenter would have done: she's warm, she didn't muck up - what is the problem with some people? There seems to be a section of our society that take to disliking people they don't even know with such venom, I find it so strange. There are those I don't admire, who I wouldn't switch the telly on to watch, but I don't feel the need to criticise every little thing about them in newspaper comment boxes or forums. Rant over. Off to get a life ...


  1. I understand some people might shrug and go 'meh' as a reaction to various presenters, but I agree that the intensity of some peoples hate is rather alarming!

    I was going a little mental yesterday reading some criticism of Louie Spence because they were making a big deal about.......his lisp!! Saying he should make the effort to go to therapy and sort it out since he's got enough money because it's really annoying! I mean for cryong out loud! Of all the things you could say about Louie Spence you're picking on a speech impediment - I despair.

  2. That's the trouble - being able to post anonymously people will say what they like, sadly. Although some journalists need to get a grip too!