Thursday, 26 January 2012

National Television Awards: Observations

Well, I was going to tweet my thoughts as we went along, but we'd moved on three categories before I'd finished the first tweet ... so I'm putting them here instead!

I hope Dermot's got plenty of throat lozenges back stage.

Sir Brucie with Ant and Dec: British Ratpack; #trulyjoyful.

Lady Ga Ga got caned for her meat dress but Tulisa gets away with wearing a dead flamingo.

I want one of those beaded curtains.

I didn't realise Karen Gillan was played by the original little Amelia Pond and is, in actual fact, only ten years old.

According to Dermot, the votes were independently adjudicated by independent adjudicators. #needstoworkondelivery

That's the nicest dress I've ever seen Fearne Cotton wear, even taking into account the lampshade fringing.

David Walliams: #totalhero

Please can Thierry Henry can do all the compering, announcing and voice overs for all future award shows?#vavavoom #forgiven

The Chatty Man clip of the Strictly judges was just as funny second time around.

I very much enjoyed Little Mix's version of En Vogue's Don't Let Go.

Matt Smith is a closet hippy.

Let's face it, Ant and Dec are the only real reason we watch I'm A Celeb #forgoneconclusion

Lara Pulver did actually do that Sherlock scene naked - and wouldn't cover up until Benedict had had an eyeful. #cumberbitchesunite

Wishful Thinking or Freudian Slip - on X-Factor #Dermotchat

Those T.O.W.I.E girls have the fakest Essex accents I've ever heard in my life. #ex-essex-ishgirl

Fatima: White stilettos. No. #someonetelltheessexgirlaboutstereotyping

Hilary Devane #moneycan'tbuyyoutaste

Loving Holly and Philip's mirror image 'O' faces at their win.

The Military Wives made me cry. Again.

The Knights of Camelot, scrubbed up #unexpectedtreat

Best Talent Show: X-Factor? In the deafening silence that followed, only Little Mix and Tulisa's clodhoppers applaud the most unexpected victory of the night. #iblamedemographics #shouldvebeenstrictly

A proper boy's reaction of "Yes!" and a punch in the air #outnumbered. Get in!

Playing the signature tune to this blog, as Strictly Come Dancing's Sir Brucie enters for the Special Recognition Award to Jonathan Ross. Who started out in cereal adverts. Who knew? His wife, Jane Goldman, wrote the film Stardust, whose title track was sung by Take That, whose Gary Barlow won the Landmark Award for a mountain trek with, amongst others, Alesha Dixon, whose new boss, Simon Cowell, poached her from ... Strictly Come Dancing! #comingfullcircle.

For a full list of winners from the NTA's, see here.

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