Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dancing on Ice Twist!

The promised twist alluded to by Philip has been announced - a series of head to head performances will take place on Sunday, with the judges choosing which of each pairing will be safe from elimination!

The producers have matched the contestants with their nearest competitors from Movie Week's leaderboard - which means Jorgatt versus Mattina! I don't envy the judges on that one!

At the bottom end, it's Cookey versus Semmy, which, if they play to Chemmy's strengths this week, should see her through without much trouble. Elsewhere though, it's closer than close, with Romark versus Vindy, Dannifer against Sebianne and Andi taking on Mattene. Toughie.

In other news, Alesha is her normal down to earth self on the red carpet and Ola talks about life as she knows it.

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