Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dancing on Ice - Second Wave

Pixie Lott opens the show, accompanied by Mark & Maria and Matt & Nina (I think) before the remaining eight competitors go head to head - saying hello to the ice panel and Louie tries to look all stern but he can't keep it up ...

Dannifer up first - Dan hopefully recovered from the hamstring - skating to ... I didn't catch the song but it was well characterised, a charleston feel although a little slow. She has fabulous leg extensions, and great musicality. Louie praised the beautiful choreography playing to her strengths; Katarina said her dance background showed, so professional looking if a little careful and Robin enjoyed the lovely naturalness of it, although they all agreed there's a bit of shoulder tension. Score: 15.5

Samandra next and he's already looking more adept than Mark. Skating to Fascination, with tricky footwork for week one, strong partnering, confident and cheeky and maintained the balance between personality and technique, excellent skate. Jayne said he's come a long way, Robin pointed out his comfortable natural stance over the blade, Louie praised the partnering and musicality, while Katarina was impressed with the step sequences. Score: 15.5

Romark follow with Fernando and an early stumble leaves her a tad jittery but still elegant, the double stag lift was lovely and her basic skating very smooth. Chris was impressed the speed over the ice, Louie could feel her fear but said she exuded elegance and grace. Robin called the quality of footwork exquisite and Katarina called her charming and inspirational. Score: 12.5

Lula skating to My Guy and I'm loving her grit and that she's singing along! Timing and character, elegant in the lifts and a simple routine nicely done considering the pain and lack of training. Jayne confirmed the determination to be there. Robin wouldn't have know she was injured going by performance, Katarina called her courageous but would like more skating and less singing! Louie said she was dancing by numbers at the start but he enjoyed it once they got going. Score: 9.5

Sebianne to Clocks and he's strong and exciting and therefore untidy in some places but I'm liking him A. Lot! Some terrific moves in there, really showed him off. Chris said he brings the passion, Katarina tells him to keep experimenting and taking risks, Louie liked the speed and aggression and enjoyed the contemporary feel but Robin pointed out that while great, he will have to pay attention to his partner too. Score: 17.5

Chiceyne to Wild Thing and he will not be denied! So groovy, fluid and the grin didn't leave his face, excellent speed and partnering, strong and confident - I could end up being a big fan! He's 40? I'm gobsmacked. Jodeyne says when they got together it wasn't pretty and Jayne says he's so bubbly but focused. Robin called him the Wild But in Control Thing; Katarina said he has the potential to be a thoroughbred and Louie declared the ice to be melting and that he's EXCITED! Score: 18.5, straight to the top of the leader board and well deserved!

Cookey skating to Summer of '69 and he's pretty scared but gave it a good go with attitude in the performance - and he didn't fall over or drop Brooke (which looked like could happen at any time!) Chris said he was on the edge of his seat and Robin pointed out the tension but liked the intensity; Louie gave 3 points for the interpretation and Katarina said it was hard to criticise - but she was worried for Brooke and so happy they finished in one piece! Score: 11

Mattina and they saved the best till last, in terms of skating and song - Give Me Everything and he did, great musical performance, loved the dancing section, strong and exciting gymnast, dancer, skater, controlled - his pleather trousers were trending apparently! Jayne called him a fantastic contender, for the life of me I didn't catch what either Matthew or Nina said but Katarina said her score of 7 was purely for the skating and nothing to do with their sexiness or looks and she'd prefer him in jeans and a white t-shirt (add a burgundy leather box jacket and a gold belcher chain and that was my preferred man's look in 1980.) Louie said the points were for the pleather but he was only joking, he loved the exciting and almost perfect execution. Robin said it was a fantastic end to the show and he can't wait for the rest of the series, there are some terrific competitors.

So the leader board: Mattina 20.5; Chiceyne 18.5; Sebianne 17; Dannifer 15.5; Samandra 15.5; Romark 12.5; Cookey 11; Lula 9.5 and I'm not even going there and putting the mockers on this week! Till after Sherlock then, see ya later :)

You didn't really think he was dead, did you? Tut tut ...

No surprises in the skate off: Cookey versus Lula, no shocks tonight as we've all learnt our lesson! Although you'd have thought the might of Eastenders may have seen her through, it didn't and we say farewell to Laila, as the judges vote unanimously for the steadier performance of Corey. I presume it'll be all remaining thirteen  on the ice next week, so prepare for a mammoth episode!


  1. I was a little suprised that Laila wasn't saved from the skate-off, but then this tends to happen in reality shows when there's been a supposed 'shock' exit, the next week the voters rein themselves in.

    Corey is annoying me a little, so I was hoping (in vain) that he would go last night, but maybe it won't be long.

    Excited to see more of Matthew (without the leather!) and I feel warmer towards Chico than I thought I would to be honest :o)

    The competition is shaping up well! :o)

  2. Me too, re Chico - have enjoyed a lot of them, we're in for a treat!