Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dancing on Ice: Movie Week

It was all so Hollywood until Matthew opened his mouth ...mind those steps in that dress, Christine *phew* she made it! Guess the movie - Vindy with Grease; Jorgatt Legally Blonde; Chiceyne Top Gun; Markie Blues Brothers; Andi Goldfinger; Mattene Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Mattina Saturday Night Fever?

Chiceyne are indeed Top Gun, not the song you'd expect but You've Lost That Loving Feeling and he's cool, fluid, smoooooth, very nice, strong partnering, confident, great movement over the ice. Score: 6.5/5.5/6 = 18. Chris says he wanted to turn him into a traditional pairs skater and he did; Kristina commended the really big crossovers, speed and control and  Louie asked, Tom Cruise who? He certainly got that loving feeling, was pleased he captured the mood and interpreted the character well. Robin says he commands the ice with confidence but not arrogance.

Romark with the Beaches song, Wind Beneath My Wings - she'll get piles, sat on the ice too long, lovely lift off to begin though, elegant until the stumble out of the lift and ooh, badly into that one, some nice lines but not an awful lot going on to be honest - and she seemed petrified all through, a little bit stiff. Score: 3/3.5/4 = 10.5 Jayne says she did everything asked of her; Robin wants her to understand her talent and allow herself to skate and praised her perfect lines and glide. She breaks Katarina's heart to see her joy turn to fear and Louie could see the stress in her body and wants her to let rip!

Samandra with Kung Fu Fighting - loved the concept, the attack, the execution and attiude and especially his reaction to landing the big flip at the end! Great skating again, with personality.  4.5/5/6.5 = 16 Chris calls him his guilty pleasure this week; Katarina respected the backward step sequence and the flawless performance but said he reminded her more of a cuddly panda than a kung fu one! Robin liked his confidence on the skates but could see it in his eyes he was focused on the flip; Louie said his arms were a bit sloppy (and aimed it at everyone) and that Sam hasn't improved on last week.

Semmy skating to Rescue Me from Sister Act - that costume's awful. Another energetic start, tiny stumble - think they went a bit wrong and sadly, the big lift that was proving difficult beat them on the night. Having to stop after starting and remove a big costume can't help the concentration and I've said it before - bearing in mind especially it's only their second week - if they're struggling that much, simplify. This is what happened to Sinitta, lovely skater, a bad lift cost her her place. Score: 3/3/4.5 = 10.5 Jayne's going to make her try it again in a few weeks, if she gets through. Louie commends her for trying, tells her not to lose spirit; Kristina begs her not to do them, be the hurricane on the ice and Robin says she doesn't need the trickery, she can skate. Philip lets on that it went perfectly in rehearsal.

Cookey to Stand By Me and I did not like that start, he's not as good a mover as he thinks, timing's well off, it was a disjointed performance, Brooke may as well not have been there. Meh. Score: 2.5/2.5/3 = 8 Philip's Strand is more exciting. Chris says Corey turned a corner with his mental attitude this week but Robin is disappointed, Louie's points were for the facial performance and Katarina tells him to skate with less eggshells under his feet and he'll need the audience to stand by him.

Dannifer to Listen from Dream Girls - she's still in pain, you can see, almost in tears, so fantastic that she managed such gorgeous lifts, mega kudos on that performance. Score: 6.5/5/6.5 = 18 Jayne concurs with fantastic while Chris trots out No Pain No Gain. Louie loved the drama and emotion and her beautiful arched back; Robin tells her to allow the same confidence in the side by sides as she does in the lifts; Katarina said the pained expression worked well in the programme and she was drawn into the story.

Markie have the obligatory matching trousers suits for the Blues Brothers Everybody Needs Somebody. He's much improved, more confident, steadier on the ice, great timing and personality, the routine totally suited him. He can watch with pride this week! Score: 3.4/3/4 = 10.5 Chris says he has the desire to be better; Katarina praises the clever choreography and the performance skill but says he needs to cover the ice; Robin praises the huge improvement, says he's going in the right direction and it was fun to watch. Louie likes the connection and the improvement, called it a bit ploddy but he enjoyed it.

Jorgatt skate to Nine To Five and it's another wow performance, so fast and tricky, brilliantly acted, she really dances her way across the ice, lots of lifts and tricks. Score: 7.5/6.5/7.5 = 21.5 Jayne says she proved how talented she is, Louie called it fun, fast and fabulous, jam packed with choreography, so complete and asks where are they gonna go with her? Katarina thanks her for being a shining jewel; Robin says she absolutely on the button and praises her fantastic versatility.

Mattina follow that with Night Fever and it is excellent, completely Fever on Ice, musical, fluid, rhythmic, wonderful movement, another to capture the feel totally. Score: 6/8/7.5 = 21.5 Chris says he delivered; Robin wasn't expecting to give an 8, acted, danced, most importantly, if you cut the top of the picture, the bladework would'nt tell  you who was the pro! Katarina calls him natural, strong effortless, relaxed and sexy. Louie says it was well executed but missing the spark.

Mattene skate to Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend and she's in full Marilyn Mode with a little bit of quickstep and a couple of nice lifts. Score: 5/4/6 = 15 Jayne said she made a great Marilyn; Katarina liked that she stayed in character and called it charming and pure enjoyment with nice lines in the lifts; Louie praised the fabulous characterisation and Robin says she's lovely over the ice and looked fabulous.

Sebianne to Mad World from Donnie Darko and I'm loving the sway start and the butterfly, haunting and atmospheric routine, a lovely arabesque, smooth across the ice. Score: 5/6.5/6.5 = 18 Chris he's a gentle spirit and they're together now; Louie thought he lacked emotion but called the arabesque beautiful; Robin said his lines are great, there's nothing contrived, the quirkyness of his style worked. Katarina didn't get to speak as Philip let Seb challenge Louie!

Vindy to Grease Is The Word and there's great skating again but I didn't feel the performance was a convincing as it could be - think the wig got in the way! Low key compared to last week - dare I say it, the title track was probably the least played? Score: 4.5/4.5/5 = 14 Jayne called it a great job, she's shocked how good his basic skating is; Katarina says he keeps surprising her with his constant skating but he needs rhythm. Robin said he entertained for the right reasons. Louie called it clean and tidy with good pace.

Andi skate to a jazzed up Goldfinger which added some attitude, lovely extension into the back roll up and reclining spy (check me out,Tony Gubba's daughter!) I really enjoyed that, much stronger with more energy. Score: 5/5/5.5 = 15.5 Chris says she's getting better all the time, specially now the partnership is gelling. Louie said it was softer and more confident, she eased across the ice; Robin liked the attack and Katarina praised the spectacular ending and steadier skating but asked her to spice it up more. There was an explosion of double entendre and innuendo, starting with Heidi saying it's hard to be sexy when Andrei's telling you to get on your knees ...

The leader board: Jorgatt & Mattina 21.5; Chiceyne, Sebianne & Dannifer 18; Samandra 16; Andi 15.5; Mattene 15; Vindy 14; Markie, Romark & Semmy 10.5; Cookey 8.

I fear for Semmy, and if pushed I'd have to say I hope it's Romark v Cookey in the skate off. Back at 9.30pm! Major recap, half of 'em in physio or having a cry somewhere before Philip's off ... Safe: Cookey!!!! Sebianne; Chiceyne; Mattina; Jorgatt; Samandra; Andi; Romark! *Shock Alert* Semmy *Phew* Dannifer; Vindy. It's Markie v Mattene and I think Charlene's basic skating skills will see her through (although I do like her, I do like Mark too and there was more improvement to come) I confess myself surprised that Corey is more popular than him. I'm officially out of touch this year! Bless, Mark made a mistake too, the pressure got to him so not as good as earlier. So unless Charlene falls flat on her face and refuses to get up again, I think she'll go safely through. Yep, utterly delightful and better than before. It's unanimous - Mattene skate next week! Aw, bless, Mark's a bit of a sweetie. I'll just have to make do with Copy Cats.


  1. Felt bad for Mark - think it was a bit of a foregone conclusion when the bottom two were revealed.

    Can't put up with Corey for long! The body popping (not a patch on Chris Fountain or Kyran Bracken) was totally inappropriate for that song! He's doing a Craig from SCD and thinking he's much better than he is. He definitely deserved to be at the botom of the board and personally I think Rosemary should have been there with him - very poor performance from her.

    Was very suprised that Rosemary and Corey were saved - I'd thought they would be in the bottom two like you did Scatty!

    Jorgie was my favourite of the night. Full of energy and great timing on the tricks! Can't wait to see what else she can do :o) Matthew and Chico are looking good too! :o)

  2. Surprised, definitely - Corey and Rosemary have dedicated fan bases I guess. But the top of the leaderboard are maginificent with what they're doing so early in the the competition!