Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Dancing on Ice Line Up Revealed!

We're all set for 6.30pm on ITV1 this coming Sunday! Philip is back and will be joined by Christine Bleakely; Head Judge is still Robin Cousins, this series joined by Louie Spence and Katarina Witt, in a more skating biased panel. As it should be!

Who will you be rooting for? My sporty leanings mean I'm hoping Chemmy Alcott, our top female skier, has a good run (that's a pun, btw, if you know nothing about skiing) - she's partnered by Sean Rice, which makes them Team Semmy. After a broken neck when she was 12, suffering bone spurs for years and a broken leg in 2010, her determination and dedication are not in doubt!

BBC presenters Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes (Copy Cats) should be fun. I don't watch Copy Cats, honestly, but my son does occasionally and it's hard not to shout at the idiotic families when they can't follow a simple tune on the toy bugle ... er, anyway. Sam is with Alexandra Schauman and therefore becomes Samandra; Mark is with Frankie Poultney, although she seems to have become a single name entity this time round; they'll be Mankie. No, maybe not. Let's go with Markie instead!

Another Blue Peter presenter doing their bit - Andy Akinwolere follows Gethin Jones and Zoe Salmon down the reality dancing route - I suspect that Helen feels it'd be a bit too easy for her! Although Andy's also following the route of quitting Blue Peter! He's with the lovely Maria Filippov - Team Andia or Mandy or Mariandy? Mariandy it is.

Soap Stars Section: Andy Whyment (Coronation Street) is paired with Hilda's daughter, Vicky, obviously. Vindy for them, I think; Laila Morse of Eastenders (not Rouass, as reported elsewhere *sniggers*) is with Lukasz and becomes Lula; Charlene Tilton (Dallas - I know, she's probably done other stuff since but I've not seen anything else) partners Matt Gonzalez to create Team Mattene; Jorgie Porter (Hollyoaks) has landed the delectable Matt Evers and therefore, Team Jorgatt will no doubt bring us the first headbanger of the series; she's totally up for it. The headbanger, that is.  Hm, now, Matthew Wolfenden of Emmerdale - they're talking about him in the same hushed tones reserved for Ray Quinn and Chris Fountain. And he's good looking. Double Hm. Could be Nina Ulanova's year then, as part of Team Mattina!

And the rest of the cast: Chesney Hawkes, yes, that one, skates with Jodeyne Higgins as Cheseyne; American actor, Corey Feldman with Brooke Castile - Cookey; The Sugababe's Heidi Range, was with Sylvian Longchambon, now with Andrei Lipanov - would've been Syldi, now Andi; Actress Jennifer Ellison - she's lost a lot of weight, did you know? She's quite sparky and with The Man himself, Daniel Whiston, Dannifer will be popular; Fitness guru Rosemary Conley is probably still pretty bendy, she's partnering Mark Hanretty and therefore, Romark could surprise. Finally, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the founder of free running, Sebastien Foucan, doing a Todd Carty, only heading off up the side of the exit with a couple of back flips and landing on the side of the rink. But I'm not sure what Brianne Delcourt will make of it. Team Sebianne could be ones to watch. Now I've said that he'll turn out to be Bambi.

Visit the Dancing on Ice website here for all the up to date news and gossip, plus bios of the couples and - enjoy the show!


  1. I shocked myself by not knowing two of the contestants Scatty! I had no idea who Charlene Tilton or Sebastien Foucan were. Am definitely rooting for teams Dannifer and Vindy. Bless Andy Whyment - his photo does look a little uncomfortable on the ice :o)

    Will be interesting to see how Chesney deals with the lifts etc. He's soooooo skinny, I can't see how he's going to do it! Even with a little partner!

    I'd bet they'll try and make a big thing about Sam and Mark going up against each other - who'll be better, who's training harder etc. Hope they don't bore us too much with that! ;o)

    They changed so many last year I've sort of lost track of which pro skaters are there and which are not. All of the old favourites are there thankfully, but I am a bit oblivious as to what has changed elsewhere.

  2. Nooooo - I've just seen that Chesney Hawkes has been ruled out officially and replaced by flippin Chico!! Boo :o(

  3. There were a couple I didn't know either - but Charlene I remember - massive Dallas fan, me, lol! The Poison Dwarf they used to call her :D And yes, the competition between Sam and Mark has the potential to be boring if they keep banging on about it!