Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dancing on Ice: Face Off!

Or, The Duel, as they're calling it! Immunity up for grabs, the judges will save 6 and there are NO scores tonight - it will be public vote only that pits two against each other in the skate off!

Looks like Heidi might be going for a headbanger tonight - only, they've dispensed with the crash hat and used her hair instead!

It's Samandra versus Chiceyne up first, to Under Pressure, and yes, all they needed was a couple of moustaches! Great interpretation and partnering by both; Sam's timing better but Chico the most advanced tricks, although Sam's death spiral is impressive. Excellent movement across the ice by both, and big personalities too - anyone's guess! Louie tells Sam he's showing elegance and grace, with nice lines and good speed; he tells Chico he came out a little stronger and it's 1-0 to Chiceyne. Robin calls Sam tidy, strong and neat; Chico he calls controlled, contained and speedy - it's 2-0 and immunity to Chico. Katarina advises Sam she enjoys him and he's smoother and says both were great. She says Chico has a natural presence and she makes it unanimous.

Sebianne versus Dannifer to I Just Can't Get Enough - Black Eyed Peas, not Depeche Mode ... you don't remember them? Oh. Moves on quickly. Jennifer's timing is fantastic, so rhythmic, emotionally she's got it, and plenty of attack; Sebastien's spins are awesome! And jumps, a little less finesse but again with the attack - wow, they were both on it tonight! Jayne calls Jennifer graceful and balletic; Seb, urban and athletic. Robin says Jen is glamorous and elegant; Seb is fun, free and exciting - spintastic! He votes Sebianne. Katarina commends Jen's beautiful ballerina lines and loves Seb's raw free spirit and the entire corkscrew spin. She also votes Sebianne - they're immune. Louie says Seb found his personality and makes a 123 for Sebianne.

Cookey versus Semmy and this one should be a no-brainer. They're skating to Opposite's Attract and Corey is completely lacking in fluidity where dancing on the ice is concerned. And the arguments with Brooke do not bode well ... Semmy perform a lovely reclining showgirl lift, there's attack and personality and the slower tune gives her time to finesse - it's surely got be safe Semmy? Two broken fingers?! She's superwoman! They all agree it's Corey's best performance and that Chemmy's back, commending the pairs spin (Katarina) beautiful straight leg (Louie) and her sassiness (Robin) - unanimous decision again.

Torvill and Dean's new routine to Christina Perry and Jar of Hearts is haunting and ethereal (helped by a wonderfully lit set) intricate and serene, emotional and heartbreaking.

Next up, Andi versus Mattene to Islands in the Stream, with lovely spirals from Charlene and a smooth opening combination; the genuine connection now forged between Heidi and Andrei is fully realised, a stunning lift, so elegant  - interesting who'll take this, I preferred Andi. Jayne says Charlene is a natural performer and Heidi has grown in confidence.Robin says it's difficult and that Heidi really pushed herself but they love Charlene - he chooses Andi; Louie praises the good performances by both but says Charlene was a little safe whereas Heidi - those split lifts win his vote. Andi immune. Katarina impressed by Charlene spirals but Heidi looks more comfortable and she gets the vote.

The Big Fight: Mattina versus Jorgatt and the buzz of them being on the ice together has completely drowned out the song, I have no idea what it was - simply didn't hear it! Matthew was perfectly in time with it though, down on the ice, back up again - seamless, so smooth, nailed the big drape lift, rhythm and timing fantastic. Jorgie so feisty, excellent lifts, full of attitude - on balance though, I think it's a tougher job for Matthew, especially with the back problem. Chris says you can't separate them and asks the judges to put them both through! Louie calls them both phenomenal, the way Jorgie moves; the support Matt gives Nina - he votes Mattina. Katarina calls them both incredible, Matt so complex; Jorgie, magical, cute, sexy, cool - Jorgatt get her vote - the first split decision of the evening, it's all down to Robin! Who says that Matt acts, skates and lifts like a skater; He loved Jorgie's new rough and ready, hot and sassy image - but it's Mattina he votes for!

Romark versus Vindy to Baby, It's Cold Outside. Andy a little more nervous than usual but still solid skating and partnering; Rosemary almost made it through without any stumbles, just a teensy tiny one right at the last. It must have been a teensy tiny one because no-one seemed to see it except me ... but still very elegant, lovely skating. Did I hear right? Andy trumped on the ice and broke it? Isn't that slang for farting? And it broke the ice? Oh, well, it normally does in the kitchen at parties ... Katarina said Vindy worked well as a couple with beautiful ballroom dancing, while Romark told a story and had their strongest skate - she votes Romark; Louie gives Romark a round of applause but said Andy challenged himself - he saves Vindy; Another split decision! Great skating from Andy, according to Robin, although tense and nervous; elegant by Rosemary - he saves Romark!

So immune from the skate off tonight: Chiceyne; Sebianne; Semmy; Andi; Mattina and Romark.

At risk: Samandra; Dannifer; Cookey; Mattene; Jorgatt and Vindy. On form, the judges will probably have them in this order: Jorgatt; Dannifer Samandra; Mattene; Vindy; Cookey so we have an intelligent stab at who'll be saved over whom - as long as no-one stumbles ...

The drama will unfold at 9.30pm! And here we go - recap first; we see Philip slumming it with the audience. Robin was pleased they all came out competitive but concentrated on their own performance; Katarina's most difficult decision was Andy v Rosemary; Louie says the ones at risk who stood out for him were Jorgatt, Dannifer and Samandra.

Safe - Jorgatt - Samandra - Jennifer's in a right old state - but no need, Dannifer are called next, I'm happy, I'm with Louie is respect of those three; Final safe place - oh, come on Philip - Vindy, thank you.

So it's Bye Bye Cookey - but the formalities first - Mattene's going to kick some ice. Of course Brooke's happy - she's up for parole and knows she got a great case. Charlene performs that lovely Ina Bauer move, with added lassooing - very nervy though, I hope they forgive her for the moment at the end.

Katrina - Mattene; Robin - Cookey!!!!!!!! Eh!! Eh!! Robin, Robin, Robin, please, cut them a little slack! Louie - Mattene, thank goodness! *shakes head in amazement* He may have improved but it was still painful to watch! Phew, till next week - catch updates from T&D on the website!


  1. I don't know about you Scatty but I didn't like the whole duel thing - mostly very anti climactic we thought.

    Nearly had a fit when Robin saved Corey - what the hell was he thinking!?! Good lord above!!

    I've got six that I really like now - Matthew, Jorgie, Chico, Jennifer, Chemmy and Andy :o)

    Back to normal next week - looking forward to it! :o)

  2. I think Robin felt sorry for him, wanted to send him away on a high - that's got to be it! Apparently, Corey won't consider SCD, Foxy, on account of it not being fair to the other contestants, what with his dance prowess an'all - what do you make of that!?

  3. I say thank god for that! I don't want him ruining my favourite show!