Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dancing on Ice 7 - Curtain Raiser

The Ice is Back proclaims the headline and training snapshots follow: Cheggers OUT; Chesney OUT; Sylvain OUT - but! Robin IN; Katarina IN; Louie IN, out and no doubt shaking it all about!

T&D bring us mid air suspense, Viennese Waltz, all very dramatic and theatrical as they go Ga Ga to Edge of Glory with a show stopping, imaginative opening. Is that Philip and Christine spinning down to meet us? No, they're safely on their gantry.

Are you ready? Follow me along with the live blog - unless my connection goes, obviously!

Heidi and Andrei (Andi) out first to Exra-Terrestrial and she's neat and tidy, except for the leg in the big lift, nice swing lifts, a bit on the slow, staid side but she comes across really well and kudos for managing the partner change, potential with more confidence. Robin commended her too for coping with the change and called it very strong and solid although a little clinical. Katarina said she set a  really good standard and to trust her partner - Russian men will always catch you! Louie like the musicality and fluidity but said it was safe. Score: 12.5.

Mark and Frankie (Markie) to I'm Still Standing  - aw, bless he struggled through, very hesitant ad probably the easiest choreography they could produce. But he didn't drop her and he's improved, said Jayne. Although she also said that his legs aren't moving as fast as his face! Which sums it up! Louie said he has a winning smile but remedial dad dancing, no strength or power; Robin tells him to be careful with the mugging and Katarina got a kick out of his performance. Score: 8

Charlene and Matt (Mattene) to Guilty - with some lovely solo glides called Ina Bowers? I'll look it up later, it's a lady German skater *Later* It's Ina Bauer. Very nicely played, confident and loving every minute. She'd so bubbly, belies the sorrow in her life. Katarina was totally amazed at a 150 year old being so comfortable on the ice, while Robin noticed she was having a ball and reckons she'll be a guilty pleasure. Louie said she packed a punch with nice lines. Score: 13

Jorgie and Matt (Jorgatt) to Skinny Love. She has the most gorgeous arms, very balletic and elegant, pretty lifts, a very accomplished performance. Ah, she's been to ballet school. Well, she made good use of what she learned, it was lovely. Robin called it exquisite and one of the strongest openers ever; Louie agreed, saying it was a beautiful performance with stunning finishes but would have liked her to have eye contact with Matt. Katarina said it was the first spark of magic tonight. Score: 18.5

Meeting the rest of the contestants and Laila Morse, where did you get that laugh?! That's got to be worth a vote on its own!

Chemmy and Sean (Semmy) to Raise Your Glass - indeed, after all she's been through I'm so pleased for her - confident and full of attack, good clean skating, loved the execution of the side split drop flyaway! Katarina, as a fellow athlete is impressed with the speed and energy and calls her an explosion of excitement. Robin says she had power and speed with charisma and personality; Louie said she's a powerhouse that needs finesse, but when she gets it she'll be Shimmy Shaky Chemmy, one to watch out for! Score: 16

Andy and Maria (Mariandy) dancing to Move Like Jagger! Check out that groovy rhythm and that smashing exuberant smile (just don't get so excited you lose the timing!) Full of fun and joy, potential to be super! Louie pulls him up about the timing and sloppy limbs but Katarina loved it, said he's a natural and Robin praised his partnering, looking after Maria in the lifts. Scores reflected the differences in opinion, with a 3.5 from Louie, 5 from Robin and 5.5 from Katarina. He'll be safe though, made the biggest impression. Score: 14

Andy and Vicky (Vindy) to Walk This Way and it's fab, nailed a big lift, terrific timing - I don't watch Corrie, but who knew? Needs to work on basic skating but full of personality again and thoroughly enjoyable. Robin loved it, the skills are there, let the competitive skater out. Katarina said he was a surprise and he has so much more potential and Louie said he had strong arms, was entertaining and made him smile. Score: 12

So that's it - who'll get your vote? The scoreboard shows: Jorgatt 18.5; Semmy 16; Mariandy 14; Mattene 13; Andi 12.5; Vindy 12; Markie 8. Mine are going to Semmy, Vindy and Mariandy. I think Markie will be in trouble and that Sugababes fans need to get on it, because Andi could be in trouble, it was a very quiet routine. Lines close at the start of the results show - 9.30pm, see you then.

Results - and to say I'm gobsmacked and amazed would be an understatement. I'll never be predicting anything again, that's for sure. Ok, yes, I was right about Andi - but Mariandy? I totally take responsibility and will make sure I don't put the mockers on my favourite next week! Gutted for Maria and Andy and a teensy bit surprised they weren't saved over Andi, going by their scores. Ah well, it won't be the last shock of the series. The other eight skate next week, keep up with the news and gossip on the website.


  1. Great first show and nobody fell over! :o)

    Interested to see Jorgie and Chemmy progress (really liked both of them tonight) and definitely already got a soft spot for Andy W :o)

    I think Charlene is in trouble for the bottom two. Heidi as well, but I am hoping the two Andy's will be spared. Considering in the first 'qualifying' show last year the top placed couple (Laura and Colin) were in the bottom three, you can't rule anybody out can you?! :o/

  2. *shocked face* can't believe it Foxy! I thought it'd be between Heidi, Charlene and Mark - my only thoughts are that everyone else, like me, thought Andy would be safe! I actually missed the show (watching Sherlock and someone turned the recorder off *tuts*) so unless he fell over I'm a bit bemused! I saw someone say it'd be a girl winner this year and I think they could be right.

  3. Well....the past series have a solid pattern of female winner, then male winner, then female winner, then male winner etc. This series it's the turn of the ladies again in theory.

    I would have said Heidi slightly improved and Andy was pretty similar in the skate-off. We were suprised by Robin's decision to save Heidi. We asumed he and Katarina would save Andy and Louis would be the only judge to save Heidi. Mum was convinced Mark would be in, but I just knew he'd be safe - the public have a thing about saving the bottom placed person early on!

    Was all a bit spooky in our house - when Phil was getting ready to announce Mum pushed me for a bottom two prediction and I said weighing it all up I thought maybe Andy and Heidi *hears the Twilight Zone music in head*. Think I'll just keep my mouth shut next week! :o/

    Glad Andy W and Jorgie survived though! :o)

  4. Have you seen the news Scatty?! Apparently Jennifer and Dan were supposed to skate this week, but he's injured his leg (torn a ligament) and is having intense physio to get back to fitness.

    There is currently a question mark as to whether he'll be well enough to continue! I really hope he isn't the next victim of the jinx on this series - he's my favourite!! :o(

  5. That was a bit spooky! Not seen that about Dannifer, fingers crossed it's not as bad as it seems!