Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Voice - how it works!

The new BBC show, The Voice, will be aired in the new year and although, on the surface it seems to be just another X-Factor, the format is quite different.

The Voice UK will see four critically acclaimed recording artists seek out the nation's best vocal talent. With looks playing no role in the selection process, the coaches will be looking purely for contestants who boast genuinely amazing voices, even at the audition stage. There's no room for comedy performances, sob stories or people who rely on looks to get them through – this is the first talent show that focuses on what really matters when you're a singer; The Voice! The format features three key stages: the unique Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds and the Live Performances.

The initial auditions have the four coaches (Tom Jones, Jessie J, Will.i.am and Danny O'Donoghue) sitting with their backs to the contestants. When they hear a voice they like, they'll swivel their chair to face them and take them through to the next round. If more than one coach swivels, the auditionee gets to choose who'd they'd prefer!

If no coach chooses that contestant, they're eliminated - but can be recalled if any of the coaches doesn't reach their allocation; each coach should end up with 8 contestants in their group.

The next phase sounds pretty brutal, for coaches and contestants: The 8 in each group are split into pairs, who sing off against each other - the same song in front of a studio audience. The coach then chooses who stays and who goes from each pair, ending up with a team of four to take through to the live rounds.

The audience will help choose who goes through in the live rounds until each coach has just one act left and then - it's time for the Big Final!

Excited much? There's a website and The Voice are also on Twitter and Facebook, so you can join in with all the gossip and #thevoice stuffage in the best tradition of reality shows!

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