Saturday, 3 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 10: Movie Night!

We've been keyed up all week and it's finally with us! Forget the BAFTA's, Emmys, Golden Globes and yes, even the Oscars - this is the movie event of the year!

Opening with the pro dancers and a gentle swing jive story to Saturday Night at the Movies, with Len and Bruno getting in on the act too! Tess is looking very Veronica Lake and Bruce has got Alison all excited. No, he doesn't know her either, she's a stalker. Kara and Brian Fortuna spotted in the audience, not canoodling together or anything, this isn't a tabloid. Subliminal advertising for Five Live from Brucie - was that to make up for Anitagate?

Not content with sticking a furry animal on Robin's head for his jive, they've now gone to town with Pasha and given him the full Shrek makeover - those ears are going to be seriously distracting when he's jumping around.

Robbiola out first and I've realised I do actually know this song. Good posture, clean and quick footwork, cool routine, proper dancing, his best yet I'd say, needed a little more polish and drive maybe but he really got the feel for the concept. Len - given me a lot of pleasure over the week and that didn't disappoint; Alesha - smooth operator, good posture, light footed, clean; Bruno - loved the combination of looks and attitude, cross between Kate Moss and Russell Brand; Craig - knee pulses out of time, lacked swing and sway but loved the concept and performance. Score: 7/7/8/8 = 30.

Harriona rumba, always difficult, always hard to please me cos I've yet to see one I feel the need to see again (except Colin's, and Zoe's Xmas one) but nice lines, intensity and purpose, scope for posing, nice basics. Alesha - best rumba from a male celeb, touching, sensitive, romantic, very natural and convincing; Bruno - a little bit of magic, pitched it right, great shapes, great job; Craig - obviously worked on hip action, loved it, simple, clean, basic, one wobbly moment; Len - a little bit spiky in the hands but your dreams won't be left on the cutting room floor. Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36.

Aleames American Smooth to Pretty Woman and Alex very much looking the part, lovely routine, tangoish foxtrot, elegant, classy and put a smile on my face. Bruno: gorgeous, great turns, fluid, tiny incident didn't spoil the gorgeousness; Craig - finally learned to put sexy into dance; Len - all going swimmingly until the moment, loved the dance, clean lifts, really sold it; Alesha - beautiful style, consistently improving (she and Bruno do their best to reassure Alex, who's upset over the slight incident - wardrobe malfunction?) Score: 8/8/9/9 = 34

Artolly Paso and I was willing them on to scale the heights of fiery passion! Arms and hands and Spanish lines terrific, wish I could have seen her feet stamping, the skirt a little too long, another great routine by Artem though, needs to score highly if they've any chance of staying. Craig - your personal best, shaping, skirtwork, bring the eye line up, darling! Len - you're finishing strongly; Alesha - rooting for you all the way, arms and hands superb, stepped it up; Bruno - finally, you Spanish sorceress, flamenco *he's up and demonstrating* brilliant! Score: 9/9/10/10 = 38 Oooh, top of the board!

Jastina American Smooth and I have been eagerly awaiting this! Fab opening solo, smooth, effortless, musical, full of character and fantastic seamless lifts - I thought Kristina was still in the air when she'd actually landed, magical. Len - I loved it, the entry, the actual foxtrot right on the money, filled Gene Kelly's shoes; Alesha - wonderful concept, fabulous beginning, elegantly played; Bruno - Jason goes to Hollywood, a huge risk as so iconic but made it your own, a very special performance; Craig - it's getting boring now, everyone's good! I really loved it, charisma, fantastic. Score: 9/9/9/10 = 37

Pashee jive to I'm a Believer - so glad no-one misheard and dressed Pasha up as Justin Bieber. How Chelsee kept up with that I've no idea, crisp, clean (mostly!) fast and furious, bags of personality, stunning routine full of action! Bruno - Oh my daring, the fairy tale has a happy ending - fast tracked to the semi! Craig - distracted by the ears, loved the routine, pick your knees up, incredible; Len - If you're not back next I'll pickle my walnuts; Alesha - cute, fun, punchy, playful, excellent turns, incredible. Score: 9/10/10/10 = 39

Over to the Scoreboard:

Pashee 39 = 6
Artolly 38 = 5
Jastina 37 = 4
Harriona 36 = 3
Aleames 34 = 2
Robbiola 30 = 1

That's going to mix things up a bit - unless Robbie is at least second with the public, Holly is safe. Alex could be the one losing out here - Harry is surely safe ... I think ... but exactly how popular is Jason? I think the only one I can be certain of being safe is Chelsee! Till the morrow!

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