Sunday, 4 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Result Show, Quarter Final

Kicking off with a Flaptabulous charleston featuring Robin & Kristina, James & Ola and Aliona & Artem then launching straight into ...

The Moment of Truth #1: Safe - Aleames! Wow - ooh *prepares self for shock* Pashee, safe. Bottom Two - Jastina!!! There it is! After that performance, you thought he was safe, yes? Bruno very disappointed, Jason always gives everything he's got.

With Claudia, Alex wonders if they counted up properly!

Alfie Boe, James Bond medley. Surreal yet somehow so perfect. Not Strictly dancers though: Darren and Letitia's Paso I'd have preferred to see again.

Len's Lens: Bruno fantasizing over Kristina; Chelsee's kicks - Pow! Artem's knee spins, Holly's hands; Jastina's lift "flooping" is the word according to Clauds; Craig calls Kristina an immaculate choreographer; Alex's dress was caught for an hour, says Clauds; Len caught singing Saturday Night at the Movies - Claudia's taking that clip home to watch every morning.

The Moment of Truth #2: Safe - Harriona! Harry seemed to be a bit worried there! For dramatic effect they should have called Artolly and left us all thinking it might be Harry v Jason - producers, take note, that's no way to stage a cliffhanger. It's Robbiola in the Bottom Two and Len says he doesn't want him to go, he's enjoyed him so much - a revelation, he calls him.

The Glamour of Hollywood: Anton & Erin, Flavia & Vincent, Natalie & Brendan with Cheek to Cheek, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Way You Look Tonight. Gorgeous.

Jastina versus Robbiola. Kristina so upset - I would be too, after the stunning routines she's been putting together; Robbie setting everyone else off.

The Final Moment of Truth: It's Robbiola leaving tonight. Everyone on their feet. The boy played a blinder, sick as a parrot to go out but over the moon to get so far. There, that's my quota of footie cliches done and dusted. Keep up with all the news and gossip on the Strictly website until next week - when we say goodbye to two of our remaining five! Eek!


  1. I'll be honest - I'm pleased he's finally gone! Nice that he was so complementary about Jason and Kristina chatting with Claudia before the results though.

    Going to be a cracking semi-final next week isn't it Scatty! Can't wait! :o) Come on Harry and Chelsee! :o)

    Friend of mine (and fellow Strictly obsessive) was texting me to tell me she was having a a heart attack when Jason was announced in the bottom two. Lol but with the final group so close in scoring and ability it was always going to be deemed a 'shock' no matter who it was I think. The fact that Robiie was last place out of six with a score of 30 says it all really!

  2. Yeah, loved the Robbiola partnership but it would have been a shame to lose any of the others - it really will be anything goes next week although I think regardless of where they end up, Harry and Chelsee will probably be safe - but I'd love to see what Kristina comes up with for a show dance!