Friday, 16 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Friday Finale

Ok, hands up who almost missed the earlier start ... Karen and Ian in the judges chairs, telling the finalists it's a simple matter of getting twelve million people on their feet!

Pashee's journey shows how much their relationship has grown, they're so together on and off the dance floor. I thought I was going to find her incredibly annoying, a mouthy air head, and how completely wrong I was, she's a total sweetie. On the sofa with them and Chelsee (she's Healey got us going) says rehearsals are going Ok, a little doubt in the show dance, which is to Beyonce's One Night Only. Before the elimination, it's the showdance and the judges favourite, which for them will be their jive. They've changed nothing, except Pasha (Pash for Gold) won't be sporting the full make up. His advice to Chelsee: "Look into my eyes and dance with me" Cue friends and family video, cue Glitter tissues, cue Chelsee as Scary Spice. Pasha givers her a hanky, what a gent. He'd better be back next year, he's been a brilliant addition to the show.

Zoe heads off to see Vicky, head designer, who shows us Chelsee's cracker of a showdance dress, bejewelled, golden, sparkly, fringy. Aliona's AS dress also incredible "no limit to the crystal cupboard" 8 metres of feather boa, godets. Harriona's showdance is to Great Balls of Fire, a swing jive, the guns will be coming out of the fiery red concoction. Kristina's teensy salsa costume, turquoise, sequins, fringing.

Past celebs and pros converge in the ballroom, with Russell telling us he coach got stuck in a snow drift, and how, the last time he was at the Tower Ballroom, he climbed up on a big organ. I'll stop there. Nancy confirms her stuckupedness by refusing to go on the coach with the rest. Just don't get it, do they, some people. The pros, specifically, Brendan, James (who else) Vincent and Erin, of all people, are mucking about behind Zoe and the celebs, diving into shot and gurning behind whoever is being interviewed. Natalie joins in, closely followed by Katya and Ola. Brendan falls over in the scrum to catch up with Zoe and Dan, who gets together with Audley to eject him - Vincent, I think it is, disappears down in between the seats in the rush to get away!

Harriona's journey and it's a great decision to have the jive based showdance, they were so fab in the swingathon and a top song to boot. Aliona says she's going to miss his adorable little face. They're on the sofa and Harry (Super McFly Guy) is consumed by anxiety. Aliona (The Vil to Win) says he has pushed himself even harder this week. The American Smooth looks quite fast, to The Buble's version of I Can't Help Falling in Love With You and he's got the dance down, just needs to polish and then enjoy. We'll see quickstep and showdance before elimination. Cue friends and family vid, cue Glitter tissues, cue best friend James, bringing fresh tears - he was very ill when they were young.

The Glitter Ball Awards - nominations for Most Expressive Verbalisation: Bruno was robbed, totally. Craig won it for "Lumpestuous" but Bruno is the highlight of the judges critique. When he loves something, he really loves it.

Ian and Karen on the sofa, complaining of the cold and looking for a big showdance, it's what we're all waiting for. Pashee's strengths - her confident solo work, the partnership. Ian reckons he took the balloons from their samba home with him! Harriona's strengths - came alive with the tango, not all of us can carry off the vampire thing! Jastina strengths, came out week 1, cha cha set the bar right back then. Great couple. "If you think you're doing your best, push it a bit more." Karens'a advice worthy of a Jason slogan!

Jastina's journey, a fantastic few weeks then, as per usual, the knockers start knocking you down, can't bear someone to be consistently good too soon - I think he's delivered every week, so many excellent routines, so much personality in them, brings the fun and the intensity when needed. They're on the sofa. What's it like to be in the final at the Tower Ballroom, Jason (The boy Don' good). "It's cold!" He's very impressed, the whole place is incredible, especially the springy floor. Kristina (Kris-mas cracker) is thrilled with her first final and thanks Jason for getting her there. Their salsa looks fast and rhythmic and they felt the love in rehearsal. There are goosebumps when the dances all come together. The showdance has jazz hands, quickstep, charleston, it's showbiz and fun! Cue friends and family vid, cue Glitter tissues and cue lovely, chubby, cuddly baby pic!

Zoe's becoming quite inconsolable now, she's setting me off. It is the last ITT of the year after all, and we've been with her (almost!) every day. Alesha, wearing a gorgeous salsa type, feathery effort, joins her on the sofa to advise there is the most enormous comedown when it's all finished and that the hardest thing is to stay focused through the fatigue. They beg Craig to get that 10 paddle out!

All the cast are out of the dance floor for a chorus of It Takes Two! The Big One all kicks off tonight, 7pm on BBC1, with the second half beginning at 9.05pm! Excited much?!

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