Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

Zoe all Christmassy in glittery red, running out of entrances! Harriona on the sofa, Harry admits it was quite terrifying to go first, everyone seem so quiet, so tense. Felt much better once the charleston was out of the way and settled into the VW. He was thinking of the song "What have I got to do to make you love me" after not getting a 10 from Craig. Again. And he could hear his heart thumping throughout the elimination. Their final dances: Judges favourite - the quickstep; their favourite - the Argentine Tango, with added intensity; the new dance - a VW based American Smooth; the showdance - 78 lifts and much danger for the front row! Looks to be jive based from the training! Zoe doesn't want him back behind the McFly drums, he should dance out front instead. Aliona says she'd pay to see that; he says the McFly boys will pay to put him back!

The Glitter Balls: The Naughty Step Award - nominations are: Aliona for not listening to the judges; Robbie, for being Robbie; Bruno for being naughty with Alesha; James for not being able to keep it zipped. And James is the clear winner!

Ian's Wednesday Warm Up: Two old, two new - Pashee rumba, very impressed, doing the sliding split again, amazing transitions, complicated, wonderful leg action (straightlegness!) Showdance - upbeat, synchronicity, compact, body action, looking goooood. Music needs lots of highs and lows, highlights and a BIG Finish! Jastina salsa - lovely hips, fab armography, hoping the lift will smooth out, it's very dangerous! Showdance - old school, putting on the ritz, canes, using the charleston and Smooth moves, lifting Kristina on cane, like with the umbrella. Zoe: Get the broom out Norm, we're trying that when I get home! Harriona American Smooth - natural turns, look at the lines; show dance - fantastic creative lifts into jive, lively, kickey, flicky and fast.

Strictly Final Party: A #Bobbywaiter is what everyone on Twitter seemed to want at theirs! That would be Robin. In an apron. Mm.

Back to Ian and Jastina: Judges' choice: Tango, the Priscilla one, a great audience pleaser; their favourite - the magical quickstep, brilliant! Pashee - Judges choice - the jive; theirs - the quickstep. And with Harriona's quickstep, Ian reckons if he doesn't get 10s across the board, he's streaking across the Tower Ballroom Floor, thereby leaving all his fans in an eternal quandry ...

This is going to be one serious final - we could easily see a three way tie, all on maximum points each! Fab-u-lous!

In other news - Harry in pants. That is all.

In depth interview with Kristina. The headline is a bit misleading until you read through and realise she's talking about when she was 14 years old!

Interview with Russell - he's playing the Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin, a role just made for him, I can picture the turban, bolero and flimsy net curtain trousers already ...

Has James' mouth got him and Ola into trouble - they're not needed for the tour and were told this via email!

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