Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Mixed emotions.

Pashee on the sofa and Chelsee (fan-tastic paso) is only just getting her head around being in the final, let alone win! Pasha (life begins at 40) told her to think about Craig's 8 for her smooth and put the aggression into the paso! The splits issue was down to nerves, even worse than normal, and the fan failed to open like they'd practised! Paso was also the hardest dance for her and at this moment in time she's feeling shock, surprise, overwhelmed and happy. They have rumba as their new dance - she reckons she's getting the sexiness out of Pasha, he reckons she's coping very well and is very sexy. She's picking the fluff off his chin - we could have a wedding yet, says Zoe. Showdance is funky and disco-ey, spiced up with tricks. Quote of the week: "Is the Blackpool one big?" - Chelsee. And we see Pasha fall over - but he calls it choreography!

The Glitter Ball Awards - Most Showstopping Costume. The nominations are: Chelsee's tango bra strap; Nancy's feather boa; Alex's rebellious hemline; Holly's misbehaving braces. And the winner is: Nancy's feather boa!

Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner: Harry's charleston lifted his character, he leaves us wanting more. Spellbinding VW, fleckerl to start, beautifully in harmony with Tommy's voice, incredible, CRAIG! Jason's samba full of content, one ace - party dance, pulled the audience in and delivered fantastic choreography. They set up the storyline on the steps in the AT, music so sensuous, only the two of them, story built up till Kristina's eating him alive. That's what the AT is all about! Passion and realness: "Dance like no-one is watching." Chelsee AS - arms, how she uses them, nailed. Paso - incredible - got to take the choreography and answer him back, snarled back at him, demanding the floor equally. Sent her out on her own again. Assertive energy, passionate. The Showdance advice: Music - has got to get you on your feet, live, pumping, buzzing. Lifts - couple of big ones we haven't seen before. Sell that number - connect, entertain, it's not aerobics!

Katya's Step by Step Guide to rumba: Slow -sweet - romantic - your chance to enjoy dancing, no rushing. Rumba walks - forward and back basics - New Yorkers - fan position - tricks - hip action - good lines - good chemistry; if he's not hot, forget it ;)

Top of the Frocks with Julian Macdonald, Holly's biggest fan, and Oonagh O'Hagan. Holly's charleston outfit his favourite from Saturday, modern and young; Holly's foxtrot Lady in Red his series favourite, ultra modern, refined, sophisticated; Holly's AT dress, a dangerous red devil, a Bond girl, electric bolt of crystal strips across, diamantes put on by hand, fantastic eye make up too. Chelsee's paso dress a complicated confection of pattern cutting, contrasts, stole the night, elongated her, crystals of all colours; Alex's salsa dress, red into pastel, six layers of ostrich feather boa, 6000 crystals.

In other news - Strictly have teamed up with on-line merchandiser, Spreadshirt, so you can design your own personalised gear featuring your favourite couple from this year's series. Now that's what I call Christmas for a Strictly addict!

Zoe says that landing the It Takes Two job felt like coming home - I'm amazed she had to audition, surely she was a shoe-in to replace Claudia?

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