Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

Jastina on the sofa, trying to guess the reasons why the ended up in the bottom two: Middle of the board; fab performance = assumptions of safety by fans! Kristina so worried they were out. Zoe cheers them up with the reminder that Alesha was bottom two in the quarter final and went on to win! Kristina very proud of Jason. The Magic of Dance keeps him going as each week gets toughter. Argentine Tango this week, he's connected with it immediately, learnt it in one day and training looks exceptionally strong and macho. Also has samba but to counter the dread dance, they're using Blame it on The Bookie and there'll be a disco break in it. Something for the judges, something for the public :) Jason's Motivational Merchandise, as worn by The Grant: T-shirt; tote bag; apron; placemat: Not available in any store near you!

Ian Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up: Aleames salsa - a challenge, hips need more rhythm. Waltz looking really good though; Pashee American Smooth - lovely lift/hug, becoming at one with Pasha, arms all finished, character, very smooth. Paso Doble has a prop - a fan! Not one of the two legged variety ... needs to create arm shapes; Artolly charleston has been changed, no footage available. Argentine Tango looking fab, lovely long leg lines, as demo'd by Zoe and Ian who may do a fitness DVD together, going by the stretching; Jastina samba - will be a challenge although the bounce action is there, keep arms compact. AT fantastic lines, very intense, clean and precise. Passion! Another demo, leaving Zoe all hot and flustered! Harriona Viennese Waltz - great hold, lower the legs slightly "D'you get that, Judd?" shouts Zoe. He acknowledges, they're waiting for their turn on the sofa! Charleston looking fantastic, hopefully lots of humour and razzamatazz, brilliant swivels.

A one hour It Takes Two coming-atcha live from Blackpool next week!

Brendan takes the Pro Dance Challenge and has TEN botafogos disallowed but still scores 70 and scoots to the top of the board, displacing Flavia who briefly topped the board yesterday with 67!

Harriona on the sofa. Nice Christmas jumper. Every man should have one. Really. Harry (Hip Hip Harry) will keep us informed of his dream scores this week. Aliona (Maid Mari-ona) so glad Craig pointed out the improved hips! They were scared on Saturday, even with a fab score, they were 4th on the board. Dancing the charleston to Wild About Harry, he's embracing the dance and looks so cute. VW really good, very smooth, dancing to David Gray. Congrats to Dougie in the jungle, who's back and will be watching this week!

In other news, it seems like Alesha, Craig and Bruno's visit to Chatty Man was pretty hilarious! I may head over to i-Player and check it out! The brilliant @LaylaTango found a YouTube clip - be warned, it contains explicit footage and the odd expletive! But it is completely hilarious :-D Allow an uninterrupted 20 minutes to appreciate it in full!

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