Monday, 5 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Robbiola Relegated

Robbiola on the sofa and Robbie (Mr. Blonde rockin' in a roll neck) knew it was their time to go, the others deserved to go through. Ola (It's Ola-over Robbiola) saw such a massive change, Robbie improved so much, he could never have done that quickstep in week one. Were Craig's final words "loved the concept, loved the performance" a consolation to leave with? "No!" says Robbie "Yes" says Ola, but Robbie's still bitter! Robbie takes his hat off to the older, less obviously fit contestants on how strenuous Strictly is - he lost 9lbs! I won't ask where, it might be rude, says Zoe. His mum's extremely proud (get well soon to his dad - she was with him at hospital today, he fell and broke a hip) his kids bawled their eyes out. Generous tributes from Holly and James, and Ola - and she's gone, says Zoe! Apart from the free spray tans, what will you miss? Everybody - from runners to judges (even Craig) make up and contestants. Harry to win. Or Alex. Or Chelsee. Or Jason. Or Holly!

Backstage Pass: Alex in agony; Harry, alternately feeling insignificant and then inspired, watching the pro dance; James, Vincent, Brendan and Erin picking on new boy Pasha, pinging his braces; Technically, Robin was never voted off - he's hooking up with Rent-a-Pro Brendan. It's fun tinged with panic tonight, says Len - it all comes down to this one performance!

Pasha in for the Pro Dance Challenge, not at all confident but he's very quick, nearly tripped himself up though and lost form, may be some disqualifications! Only three disallowed but some incomplete - he still scores 65 and edges into the lead! Only one above the girls, points out Zoe. Thanks, I didn't like to say so, he says! Not sure Flavia won't take him tomorrow "she's a fast cracker!"

Points of You: Julie from Didcot tells Len to Lighten Up! Face like a pickled walnut when Bruno's doing his thing. And Pork Pie hat bass man in the band is Trevor Barry!

Bruno on the sofa with the dance debrief - we have a montage of his colourful performance appraisals first, and Alesha being mauled on a regular basis! He and Len are zonked throughout the two months of Dancing With The Stars, but he feeds off the contestants energy, they provide his material. Even the bad performances have been good - those from the less technically adept, he means. Bigs up Robbie - he took it like a man, great posture! Harry's rumba was almost there, the basics just needed to be more slinky, figures were fantastic, simplest things are the hardest and it is a woman's dance, the man is just the frame, very difficult dance for the men. Alex so much more confident, movement and fluidity fantastic, at ease with herself; Holly's flamenco correct, the penny dropped, she had to ignite everything, good at Latin and ballroom, good arms and legs, needed the extra fire. Loved the concept of Jason's - did their own version, took inspiration rather than copy. Chelsee on fire, timing just brilliant, just performing, dancing and enjoying. Zoe's up with him now, dancing around. I love Claudia but I love Zoe's enthusiasm for all things dance, any excuse and she's up!

In other news: Emma Bunton and Jason Gardiner will not be returning as judges on Dancing on Ice - Pineapple Dance's Louie Spence and former Olympic champion skater, Katarina Witt, are replacing them. David Beckham is touted as a potential contestant!

Stevie Wonder may sign up for Dancing With The Stars - when he thinks he's lost enough weight!

Interview with Arlene Philips, which I think someone forgot to proof read, but still, it's an interview with Arlene.

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