Monday, 12 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Au Revoir Aleames; Adios Artolly

Backstage Pass -early a.m. and Harry is too tired to be nervous; Chelsee tripping down the stairs in rehearsal - injuries for her and Holly. The McFly boys - Harry has to do well, says Dougie, there's Royalty in the house!

Aleames on the sofa and Alex (not the won show) decide to get a grip and went to pot. It was never about the winning, it was always just the doing it. The three dancers through deserve to be there. James (see you Jimmy) says he's normally a grumpy bloke and said her easy going nature rubbed off on him. Lovely highlights - it was an honour and a privilege to work with Alex. The tissues are out, Zoe's off too. James loves all three finalist but rooting for Harry - reckons he's been undermarked!

Points of You - 50 year old ex-boxer Cliff, crying over Harriona's VW; James' face pulling, Chelsee's lift behind Tess.

Artolly on the sofa - Johnny Ball is furious that Holly (Kiss Kiss Bye Bye) didn't make it through and she wishes she'd gone out on the AT. Artem (DJ AC has left the building) admits that even he sometimes forgets which step is next. Holly may keep up with the AT and Paso and is taking away new buddies, health and fitness and strengthened character. Whoever is most committed deserves to win. Artem says that people don't realise how difficult it is to step into this show.

The Glitter Balls, hosted by Ian Waite and Karen Hardy.
The nominees for Biggest Entrance are: Craig - aka Brian May at Wembley and the broomstick entrance on Halloween; Lulu in her Paso and The Grant cannon shot - it's a no-brainer, of course it's The Grant!

Bruno's dance debrief - He's gone all Fosse - all three finalists are brillliant, all five were fabulous on Saturday. Chelsee's AS - her musical phrasing, natural feel for music, exciting, like an instrument played by a God. Paso totally focused, danced beautifully. Jason's samba, technically difficult but you have to have performance power - salsa in the final! The AT - so into it, going for an Oscar, ever step full of passion and intent - both really gelled, wanting the same thing at the same time, like watching a thriller. Harry's charleston lived up to expectation, incredible swivel and performance, he's going to go for it now. Come out and be spectacular. Created a mood of love in the VW, no-one watching wasn't moved. On Saturday, it's two new dances, including the show dance, and two they've done before. If they get it wrong, the judges can turn! Be very smart: Colin and Erin - Nah! Tom and Camilla - Yay!

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