Saturday, 17 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: The Grand Final 2011

Live from the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool and it's all up to us tonight! The judges scores are just for our guidance, their self importance and the contestants thrill of getting lots of tens! (We hope!)

Gladiators out first, as the pros take to the floor for a Livin' on a Prayer Paso; the finalists wheeled out in chariots pulled by Artem, Brendan and Vincent.

Bruce and Tess arrive, with Tess in a stunning sequin and chiffon confection, my favourite of hers all series!

Harriona is leading off with their quickstep and what a way to kick start the finale - better than first time around, maybe because the camera had more room, we see more, fantastic sway, so sublime, goosebump city. Len - you came out all guns blazing, loved it first time, that was brilliant; Alesha - stunning, maximised floor space brilliantly; Bruno - Harry in the Temple Ballroom, he came, he danced, he conquered, delivered with flash and dash; Craig - I only had one problem with it before, you've improved it thankfully. Score: 10/10/10/10 = 40 (I'd already written it down!)

Jastina's Priscilla tango is brilliant, I appreciated it much more this time around, loved the whole camp aggression thing, one to savour, so much drive and energy and fun. Alesha - excelled for me, clever choreography, showcased personality; Bruno - pushed to the limit, a tango with split personality, Wolverine versus disco diva, incredible, barking mad, loved it; Craig - your bottom was sticking out and chasses a bit skippy but fantastic routine; Len - You've survived 14 weeks of blood, sweat and tears, giving the others 20 years, fantastic. Score: 9/10/10/9 = 38. They won't be the first 9s booed tonight!

Pashee jive with controlled abandon, absolutely fab as before, the firecracker was all ablaze. Bruno - a premium grade jive of eyepopping vibrancy; Craig - bundle of joy to watch; Len - I've judged here many times and watching you gives me as much pleasure as judging world champions; Alesha - adorable, my fave jive of the series. Score: 9/10/10/10 = 39 And finally, Chelsee believes she can dance - but not without Pasha!

So at the moment they're all equal in my eyes! No votes yet! Or one each but not much point in that!

Showdances next, Harriona's Great Balls of Fire - I'm hoping it's not all lifts but sadly, it is - loved the song and the attitude, he performed brilliantly but I would have liked more actual kicking and flicking and swing - so I'm a little disappointed, I thought it was building up to a frenzy of dance but it never happened, we had the static posing again. :( Len - if you were a stick of rock you'd have talent written through your middle, one sticky lift but everyone impressed; Alesha - loved the concept, jiving fabulous(?) lifts dangerous; Bruno - it's great guns Harry, Rock God, loved the mix, performance magnificent; Craig - enormous amount of talent, transitions could've been smoother but an amazing routine. Score: 9/9/10/9 = 37. You see, more dancing, less lifting - would've got more tens I reckon.

Jastina could steal it for me here, because they actually danced the show dance instead of lifting their way through it - Dancing Fool, a brilliant choice for a quickstep come charleston come jazz hands medley, with fluid lifts and costume changes that didn't intrude, stunning musical routine, completely loved it! Alesha - razzmatazz, energy, the canes, the quickstep. That was a showDANCE! Bruno - a showbiz extravaganza, theatrical spectacular, break box office records, brilliant; Craig - ferocious and full on, get her a restraining order, A-MAZ-ING; Len - you're a showman, that was a showdance - a perfect combination. Score: 10/10/10/10 = 40

Pashee and their funky One Night Only with the dangerous lifts - see, they just don't work on me - and no recognisable Latin or Ballroom, after everything she's learned, it was like we were back in week one. Again, I'm disappointed, sadly. I don't want to be but ... Bruno - a vision of seductive beauty emerging from the mist; vibrant performance; Craig - loved the lifts, so dangerous, competition is so close; Len - liked the element of hustle, bright and shiny like Blackpool Tower; Alesha - loved that you were set free, totally natural, you dance with your heart. Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36.

The leaderboard: Jastina on 78; Harriona 77; Pashee 75 Jastina edge ahead with me with a vote for their show dance. And now, we wait. We watch Merlin. Arthur's back together with Guinevere, yay! They'll have a Moment of Truth next week, methinks - with the discovery of Excalibur, Merlin's secret will finally be out!

But now, it's The Moment of Truth #1 and it's Jastina who fall. Aw. I'd love to have seen their quickstep again but sadly it's not to be (I know, there's always Youtube). I have enjoyed so many of their dances this year and been so glad that Kristina's efforts over the past few series were rewarded with a final. It's still not fair that they train for a new dance and don't get to do it though, Powers That Be. It's cruel! Go back to two dances plus showdance, please, so they get to do all three!

On we go with Round Two: Harriona's American Smooth with a VW base. It's gorgeous, effortless, perfect musical phrasing, romantic, the lifts not intrusive, nice transitions, beautifully played. Len - the added elements to the VW made a great dance unbelievable; Alesha - so accomplished, the nation has fallen in love with you; Bruno - the perfect fit for your princely charms, irresistible, beautiful, salute you; Craig - quiet, gentle, romantic, contemporary, gorgeous (it it wasn't the final, would have said something about the hands!) Score: 9/10/10/10 = 39

Pashee rumba to Because of You is dramatic, passionate and emotive, she's finally got the Pashan, lovely split slides this time, she put everything into that, wonderful arm and leg lines as usual. Alesha - put your heart and soul into dancing, dramatically romantic; Bruno - you nailed that rumba, expressive, fluid, musical, acted like a movie star; Craig - magnificent; Len - Saw nothing I didn't like. Score: 9/10/10/10 = 39

Jessie J sings Price Tag while they change and catch their breath. She's been at the crystal cupboard too and how many metres in that skirt? Shame they ran out before they did the front; could've hidden the sparkly cod piece. Great vocal as ever though, I'll even forgive her bringing her own dancers.

Harriona's Agentine Tango and their timing is wonderful. Intricate and powerful - and he's more experienced, so what was missing before is there now! Excellent, all the intensity you could want. Bruno - so cool, so sharp, cutting like a steel blade, sensuality, repressed lust. I've been tangoed! Craig - I have fallen in love with you too; Len - last time I criticised, you listened- came out and it was, go on my son! Alesha - Loved it even more now, perfect final choice, exquisite. Score: 10/10/10/10 = 40

Who's that glum looking woman behind Brucie? Cheer up love, you're witnessing one of the best Strictly finals ever from one of the best seats in the house. Maybe she's one of those landladys Brucie alluded too earlier and someone did a runner, who knows? Pashee's quickstep is a joy, loved that routine, so musical and tight, what a note to finish on, wonderful. Craig - as before - first class; Len - it's your favourite, it could well be mine, fabulous; Alesha - perfect combination, the frock, the music, the routine; Bruno - Strictly stunning, musicality, precision. Score: 9/10/10/10 = 39.

Now this is tricky, I've loved all four of those last dances, so I've nothing between them. I sometimes miss being obsessive over one particular couple (Mark&Karen; Gethin&Camilla; Tom&Camilla) - being neutral does let you enjoy the show and still keep your finger nails, but it makes it exceedingly difficult to vote! The deciding factor? That I voted for Aliona and Matt last year and she missed out and that Harriona's quickstep was my most favourite dance overall! So there you have it - Harriona get my vote.

The People of Britain speak, sharing the Strictly love and their favourite moments, like Russell and FlaBia *loud guffaws* and then the whole cast are back for a final dance to I Wanna Dance With Somebody, all with their signature moves - a fine effort, all in time and having a ball out there.

The Final Moment of Truth: Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2011 are: Harriona!

And the McFloy boys invade the floor! "Get off!" orders Brucie!

"I've been on the best show on TV and I'm honoured" - Harry.

Congratulations to everyone involved for a fantastically awesome series! All they have to do now is top it! They'll start with the Christmas Special on Christmas Day - BBC One, 8pm, don't be late!


  1. Fantastic final! When the lowest score of the evening from 10 dances is a 9 you know you're watching quality :o)

    I completely agreed with you re the showdances Scatty. We absolutely loved Jason and Kristina's more ballroom based dance - great song choice too! :o) The 'doing loads of lifts' routines don't appeal to us either. Shame he went out first after that, but we had predicted it.

    I was rooting for Chelsee, but I'm happy with Harry winning since his dancing was undeniably brilliant. Adored both his VW based AS and his Quickstep on Saturday! :o)

    Bring on the Xmas special! :o)

  2. Everything about the final was stunning wasn't it? They really ramped it up this year, but it'll be tough to follow it again next year!