Sunday, 25 December 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

The partaking pros jive us in and introduce us to their partners: Katya and Simon Webbe (Simya); Anton and Su Pollard(Suton); Erin and Barry McGuigan (Barrin); Ian and Debra (Debran); Vincent and Charlie (Chincie). Tess is channelling the turkey. Seriously, a feathery dress on Christmas Day, I bet I'm not the only one! Craig enters down the chimney, playing the Grinch and shows us the briefest charleston! Simya hit the floor with a cha cha cha to Merry Christmas Everybody and, well, cor - he's fit! Great hips, powerful, strong partnering, lots of rhythm, attitude and personality, massive energy, what a fabulous start! Len - crisp like fallen snow, sharp like Xmas morning air, hot like mulled wine. Tutti Frutti what a booty! Alesha - strong, animalistic, great movement, totally in control, owned it; Bruno - Ssssssssimon, it feels like midsummer, so much hot toddy I feel dizzy; Craig - a powerhouse of strength, sharp, Amazonian! Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36 Simon for the next series please Powers That Be! Debrian have the American Smooth to Baby, It's Cold Outside and it's lovely and schmaltzy, she's a little bit cheesy and *dons Craig hat* her hands need attention, but confident and sophisticated, enjoyable. Alesha - lovely lines, nice turns, good control, fantastic; Bruno - light and sparkly, elegant, full of flavour a taste to savour; Craig - nasty flat thumbs, gaping you could drive a sleigh through, loved the story, lines and fantastic lifts; Len - like a fairy on the top of the tree, light and fluffy, you warmed me up. Score: 8/9/10/10 = 37 Puzzled, much? Simon got much better comments?! Barrin quickstep to Jingle Bells with a fab charleston section and a stunning cartwheel lift, light and crisp - best boxer by a mile - great timing too and full of personality, really let himself go. Loved it. Bruno - the bells are ringing, more spirit than a well stocked drinks cabinet, fantastic; Craig - loss of balance, spatulistic hands need shaping but great posture, fantastic rhythm, loved the charleston section; Len - knockout but should've danced tomorrow *groans* snow snow thick thick snow, jingled my bells! Alesha - surprisingly good, full of content, great posture, timing, wonderful. Score: 8/9/10/9 = 36 Suton with a foxtrot to White Christmas which is very sedate and they couldn't resist the slight comic end, not a lot of all you'd expect in terms of elegance and flow but pleasant enough to watch. Craig - did lack some fundamentals and essentials (elegance, grace etc) and Su's after him! Len - came out like the Snow Queen, white and gorgeous, turned into a Christmas Tree (ie wooden) a sheer delight; Alesha - an extra point for the attack on Craig, like a lovely Xmas tree (it's the green layered dress) Anton - "I love Alesha" Bruno - such a range, crackers in the sledge to smitten kitten on the dance floor. It's threatening to get out of hand - Bruce - "Just Take her up the stairs, Anton" Su - "Oh, hello ..." Score: 6/9/7/8 = 30. Chincie jive to Santa Claus is Coming To Town, she got a bit excited at the start and then flagged but lovely bright routine, full of content and joy, little untidy in places but really well done. Len - sharp and tasty like a pickled walnut and cheese; Alesha - fast paced, great energy, full of action, pure fun; Bruno - flickering like a flame, sexy santa; Craig - Fab-U-Lous. Score: 9/9/9/10 = 37. Scoreboard: Debrian/Chincie on 37 with 5 points; Simya/Barrin on 36 with 4 points, Suton with 30 on 3 points. My order; Simya; Barrin; Chincie; Debrian; Suton. Shakin' Stevens sings Merry Christmas Everyone and is joined by The Grant and Flavia, snowball throwing gives way to a bit of quickstep, promenade runs and even a fleckerl of sorts followed by jive! The Moment of Truth: It's ... Chincie! Yay for Vincent, a Glitterball at last! The stars of Strictly 2011 take to the floor for a gentle glide - not all though, there's no Edwina, Dan, Rory or Nancy - maybe because their pros were taking part - but no Lulu or Audley either! Maybe there is something in all the rumours? Or more likely because Brendan's on tour and Audley probably went back to America. Let's not start gossip where there isn't any! Another slice of glittery escapism all over for this year then, roll on SCD10!

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