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Strictly Come Dancing: Week Six - Bonfire of the Eventualities

Because eventually, all of them bar three are going before the final! Love Tess' hair and Alex's dress!

Brendulu tango to Kiss, nice opening on the balcony, a funky tango, couple of mistakes but she stayed on it, good timing, got the spirit of the dance although still needs core strength, good effort. Jen - how gorgeous are you? Was looking forward to your dance and not disappointed; Alesha - always little slips ups but commend you for carrying on, character of the dance present; Bruno - you drive me crazy, started so well. queen of mean, heart of stone then frame went; Craig - head and neck placement poor, shoulders loose, lovely moment on the bridge, beautiful ronde, loved the routine. Score: 5/8/7/7 = 27 Love that Brendan and Bruno were going to leave in a huff at Craig being made Head Judge!

Audalie VW to I'm With You, a lovely choice for a totally charming routine, delicate and gentle - who'd a thought that'd be a description of Audley? Light, pretty and lyrical, well choreographed routine by Natalie, they've really warmed up as a partnership now. Alesha - everything well placed, endearing and charming, be more confident; Bruno - so delicate*, treated her like a princess, drive through the dance, overall very good effort; Craig - head, feet, hands, tongue need work; Jen - oddly endearing, mix of masculinity and elegance. *I'm glad I didn't imagine it! Score: 5/8/7/7 = 27 two good scores to begin!

Harriona samba to I Wish and the shirt is a goodly start, nice samba walks, not as fluid and bouncy, he's back to placing everything just so, sometimes too static with poses again, a good effort but not enough bounce and partyness. Bruno - samba full of pecs appeal, intriguing hint of hips, has to be full of abandon, all there but slightly forced, let it flow; Craig - the shirt a slight distraction, bounce action almost non existent on the voltas, everything else fantastic; Jennifer *flirts* exciting, let go a little more; Alesha - the samba steps you were given you did very well, kick it up a notch. Score: 8/9/8/8 = 33

Robinita charleston to I Got Rhythm and she's totally at home with that, really suited her, could have been a little sharper in places but in others, spot on, overall a great routine, maintained the rhythm and character throughout. Craig - lost a little bit of swivel, a little behind but brought the dance to life; Jen - can see why you're a national treasure, great spirit, point toes a little more; Alesha - totally captured the dance, you're transforming into a dancer; Bruno - characterisation, jazz, booze and fun, loved it! Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31

Jastina rumba to Killing Me Softly and for a male celeb, I thought this was probably the best we've seen since Colin Jackson - plenty of fluid movement, great partnering, beautiful shapes, an interesting routine packed full of content for Jason, rather than the bloke just standing there for the pro to drape herself around - loved it. And I dislike the rumba as you know, if you're a returning reader! So I am completely mystified by the judges comments! Jen - love that song, love what you did with it, connect more to your partner, more lust; Alesha - got a little bored, felt contrived, lacking chemistry; Buno - didn't feel anything tonight, too much placement, didn't gel; Craig - too serious and earnest, did expose you. Score: 6/8/7/7 = 28 No way was that worth just 1pt more than Brendulu and Audalie and 4 pts less than Harriona. I reckon Len would've loved it. Well said, Kristina, they can't be full on every week - and the rumba doesn't call for that, by definition it's more understated. What do they want? Bored, Alesha, seriously?

Aleames quickstep to It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing there's gapping but I don't care, there's a footwork issue (turns out to be a caught heel) but it's bright. breezy, fun , they're clearly enjoying themselves, so am I, even the fall over at the end was in spirit! Alesha - few mistakes, classy, sophisticated, in full flow now; Bruno - in sparkling form, frisson of excitement, elegant, dynamic, messed up but overall great; Craig - some small timing issues due to the hell being caught, coped amazingly well with that, packed a punch, full of personality; Jennifer - bubbly, effervescent, made me giddy. Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31

Robbiola waltz to Love Ain't Here Anymore - Ola's dress is gorgeous - musicality, nice hand shaping, aw, he's broken hearted, well acted, but one little sad smile would be nice, lovely routine, terrific rise and fall. Bruno - controlled, polished, heartbroken, needs more sweep and musical phrasing; Craig - fantastic rise and fall, tense, devoid of any emotion; Jen - athleticism and grace, loosen up, connect; Alesha - danced very well, a little tension, great partnership. Score: 6/8/8/7 = 29

Russia paso to The Toreador Song from Carmen and they couldn't have had any other song, could they? Good arm shaping and timing, intent and purpose, if camp, too much faffing around at the start because he's doing a good paso, he could perform the whole piece, lots of character. Craig - astonishing; Jen - looking at your stars, you'll be here for a while; Alesha - I always love your version and interpretation; Bruno - once you started it was a proper paso - a Benny Hill Paso, but the lines, the promenades and hands that do dishes *demonstrates* hands that do dishes, demented but fabulous, loved it! Score: 4/7/6/7 = 24 deserved 28!

Pashee charleston to Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue with the wax on, wax off method - Pasha needs to remember she isn't a pro and slow down a bit though, keep to her pace, it's fast and intricate and losing her jacket lost her momentum, technically she was fab, energy and fun - had they been together all through it would've been a ten dance. Jen - keep dancing like that and nobody is gonna put you in the corner; Alesha - really suits you, musicality, natural dancer, leg kicks brilliant, incredible stamina, stunning; Bruno - fabulous flapper, dancing to the limit; Craig - synchronicity brilliant apart from where costume came off, fabulous. Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36.

Artolly jive to Runaway Baby and the routine is excellent, enjoyed it much more than I was expecting to, very cool and technically Holly was great - I do wish she'd look up though, it still makes her look like she's not letting go enough - but how about Artem, you could see the pain he was in, respect! Alesha - full of energy, cool and sophisticated; Bruno - a twist and swagger, rock and swing, creative; Craig - loved that concept, brilliant, finally some energy from you; Jen - not traditional, took chances, paid off; Score: 8/9/8/9 = 34

The Scoreboard:
Pashee - 36 = 10
Artolly - 34 = 9
Harriona - 33 = 8
Robinita - 31 = 7
Aleames - 31 = 7
Robbiola - 29 = 6
Jastina - 28 = 5
Brendulu - 27 = 4
Audalie - 27 = 4
Russia - 24 = 3

I think, sadly, following good routines, it will be Audalie and Brendulu in the bottom two - Russia, Jastina and Robbiola will rise away from it. So straight on with the results:

The Pro challenge, ladies first, doing their best Beyonce impressions, Tess looking fab too, before the recap and ...

The Moment of Truth #1: Safe - Robinita; Artolly; Russia; Harriona
Bottom Two: Audalie. Craig says the competition is stiff and although he has done amazingly well, it is time to go.

Question of the night - Claudia to Anita: Are you secretly 14?

Westlife, Flying Without Wings, a great opportunity for an airborne James and Ola rumba but sadly, they don't take it. There are candles instead. And they're splitting up, did you know? Westlife, not James and Ola. No staying power these modern bands; it's not like they have to cart their gear around in a mini-bus, is it?

Jen's Lens: Brendulu making Craig smile; Harry's deltoids; Anita's passion-for-dance-face; Pashee's detail, on the offbeat; Aleames caught heel, fall and content delivery; Brucie joining Holly in her solo rehearsal; The Grant - look at his face!

Sir Brucie song and dance, bet Dermot can't do that. Erin and Katya join him, Erin's gone back to the 80s ... though a hedge.

The Moment of Truth #2: Safe - Aleames; Pashee; Robbiola; Jastina
Bottom Two: Brendulu - Brendan nodding, he knew. None of us saw it coming, Tess? Really? It wasn't going to be Jastina or Robbiola. Bruno blames Lulu's lack of consistency.

The Pro boys challenge to Feeling Good and it's a welcome return to my TV screen for So You Think You Can Dance runaway winner, Matt Flint, assistant choreographer, standing in for Artem. It's all very macho and sexy and gets my vote!

Lulu surprised she made it so far, Audley hoping to survive. The Final Moment of Truth: It's Brendulu! Aw. Yes, Tess, we really did see it coming! It's next week there'll be a shock, if Audalie puts in another strong performance and moves up the board! Keep up to date with all the gossip on the BBC Strictly website until 6.55pm next Saturday!

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